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Business & Law

See where your passion for business or law can take you as you develop your practical and academic experience and kick start a career in this competitive field.

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Law Internship in Ghana, Accra

On a professional Law internship in Ghana you will have the rare opportunity to work alongside some of the country’s top lawyers, assisting with ...
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durations start from
28 days

Through our structured internships you will gain a knowledge and expertise of the subject that is invaluable for your future career and will certainly set you apart from others on the same career path. Gain a unique insight into the world of business and law in your visiting country and get your teeth into the laws, systems and regulations that govern the smaller community as well as the whole country.

Broaden your horizons and improve your career prospects on a business or law placement as you gain hands on, practical experience in your field of work.

Browse the list of possible trips and see where your interest in business and law can take you!

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