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Vietnam feels like a hidden secret; traditional and off the beaten track this fascinating country is alive with historic treasures and the beautiful charm you find in many South East Asian countries.

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Although many westerners still see Vietnam as a country consumed by war, it has undergone a remarkable transformation in it’s recent years and is now the perfect setting for travel and adventure.

Encompassing all the ingredients needed for the trip of a lifetime from it’s diverse and breathtaking highlands to the bustling, lively cities, from stunning, paradise coastlines to it’s friendly and enthusiastic locals it really is a must visit destination!

Quick Facts


Socialist Republic of Vietnam


South East Asia

Bordering Countries

China, Laos, Cambodia

Capital City



Communist State


89 million




Vietnamese Dong (VND)


14.5% of the population live below the poverty line

Main Exports

Crude oil, Textiles, Rice, Coffee, Rubber, Coal, Aquaculture


The climate of Vietnam varies considerably from region to region. Although the entire country lies in the tropics and subtropics, local conditions vary from frosty winters in the far northern hills to year-round, sub-equatorial warmth in the Mekong Delta.

Time Zone

GMT +7

Flag Vietnam

Fun Facts

  • The Vietnamese language has six different tones. The meaning of each word can change depending on which tone is used, making it an extremely hard language to learn.
  • Approximately 40% of all Vietnamese, or more than 30 million people share the same family name, Nguyen.
  • The Vietnamese keep Pot bellied pigs as pets!

Travel Highlights

  • Explore the magical Ha Long Bay by boat and drift around the thousands of islands, caves and floating villages that make up this top tourist destination.
  • Visit the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc and soak up the paradise beaches, tropical rainforests and undamaged coral reefs.
  • Let out your adventurous side as you kite or wind surf down the sand dunes in Mui Ne. This is also a fantastic spot for taking in breathtaking panoramic views of the sunset.
  • Take a trip down the famous Mekong River, in the Mekong Delta and experience Vietnams beautiful landscape and traditional communities working in the rice fields.
  • Stay a night in Hoi An, nicknamed the ‘Venice of Vietnam’. This old fishing village is jam packed full of winding lanes, narrow canals and chinese style shops.

Where is Vietnam?

Vietnam stretches the length of the Indochinese Peninsula. It’s shape resembles the letter S and It is surrounded by China, Laos, Cambodia and the South China Sea. The country is usually distinguished into three sections, the North, Central and the South all with very differing landscapes to explore.

Language in Vietnam

Vietnamese is the official language spoken in Vietnam however there is a little French spoken in the North. Like many Asian countries English is widely spoken throughout the tourist hotspots and large cities, however Vietnamese language is not too hard to pick up and so it is always worth learning some key phrases as this will be hugely appreciated. Among the many languages spoken in Vietnam are Vietnamese, Chinese, English, French, and Russian.

Climate in Vietnam

The climate in Vietnam varies enormously due to the shape of the country, and these weather patterns can be split into the North and South. Northern Vietnam has two seasons, winter falls between November and April which is cold and humid and then a warm, wet summer throughout the rest of the year. However the South of the country stays generally warm, with the hottest months falling between March and May.

People of Vietnam

There are approximately 75 million people living in Vietnam, the majority of which were born after the war with about 60% of the country are 35 years old or younger. This predominantly young and vibrant population are self driven, hard working and determined to improve their countries position, eager to learn from more developed nations. You will be welcomed with the trademark South East Asian charm, friendly nature and curiosity to learn more about your own culture.

Approximately 80% of the population are ethnic Vietnamese while the rest make more than fifty different ethnic groups, many of whom live as part of the many hill tribe communities in the North and Central highlands.

Travelling in Vietnam

There are many natural wonders to take in throughout Vietnam and you can’t leave without drifting through the spectacular Ha Long Bay on a long boat, where limestone cliffs rise from the crystal blue water creating their very own magical landscape. Or if you fancy getting to grips with Vietnam’s intriguing history take a trip to the ancient city of Hue and visit palaces, tombs and temples of the ancient world. Make sure to spend some time in one of Vietnam’s sprawling, bustling cities such as Hanoi in the North, which are packed to the brim with cheap, local cuisine from street stalls and tempting night bazaars.

Furthermore If you are a nature lover then Vietnam has it all, head off on an adventure to the highlands and take in the breathtaking, exotic landscape, trek through the rainforests and marvel at the huge array of species and wildlife. If you fancy kicking back and soaking up some rays, head to the idyllic, limitless beaches along the Eastern border, just waiting to be explored.

Gap Year and Career Break Travel in Vietnam

Take part in a gap year or career break in Vietnam and explore this mysterious and captivating land. This rich and diverse country has so much to offer the adventurer, the nature lover and even the city slicker, and you can be sure to never have a dull moment here on your gap year, career break or constructive trip abroad.

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