How To Help Them Prepare

How to help your son or daughter prepare

When planning a constructive trip overseas with Changing Worlds, there is a variety of things that need to be considered which your son or daughter will need to take into account before departing. You can help out with this, and you will find that if you are sure that your loved one is prepared for travel, you will feel much less anxious about saying your goodbyes.

Financing their trip

As with any large trip overseas, there are always financial obstacles that will reveal themselves before and during the experience, this is why we encourage parents to help out and go through the financing of the trip with your son and daughter to ensure that they have budgeted enough for the countries that they plan to visit. Each country may have different requirements when it comes to food and accommodation budgets, visas, vaccinations, insurance, etc. This is particularly a consideration when your son or daughter is planning to find paid work overseas to help fund their trip, as it is likely they will soon find that the monthly pay in developing nations is in stark contrast to the level of pay they are used to back at home.

Bank cards

There are many methods of payment that are accepted abroad, however sometimes it is a little difficult to know which is the best and safest to use while travelling in unfamiliar countries. One of the most popular and generally the most effective method is to obtain a pre-paid travel card, which can be loaded up with money prior to travel, and if your son or daughter runs into some financial issues whilst overseas, you can re-load the card with additional funds to keep them going. There are a whole host of pre-paid travel card options, however the most popular are offered by Revolut, Monzo, Travelex, Caxton FX and the Post Office. Take into account which cards are free of withdrawal fees, as some can hit users with quite large fees when withdrawing cash abroad.

Others choose to use the credit card option, and the same information applies to these cards, as there are so many out there, with banks always trying to out-do their competitors with lower withdrawal charges. Be aware that it is best to shop around and find the best deal.

Staying safe overseas

Staying safe and keeping money and belongings secure is absolutely crucial and an essential part of ensuring that your son or daughter has an enjoyable and trouble free trip overseas. We all know that travelling the globe can provide you with some amazing friendships and memories, but as we are sure you are aware, it can sometimes be all too easy to fall into a false sense of security and become a target for criminal activity. So do make sure that you stress to your son or daughter to keep personal belongings, expensive equipment, money, and bank/travel cards concealed in public, especially in disadvantaged communities in developing nations.

Preparation is key

It is always best to be over-prepared than under-prepared when it comes to travelling overseas, so even though your son or daughter may see you as being overprotective, it is important that both you and your loved one understand how important effective preparation an understanding of responsible travel is to ensure that they have the best experience possible!

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