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What is a TEFL?

Changing Worlds offers a range of courses and qualifications to suit all needs, whether you want to pursue a career in a specific field, want to be able to travel and use a qualification overseas, or you just want to gain some more experience in something that you find fun and interesting. You may have noticed us mention TEFL qualifications throughout our website and wondered what on earth we are harping on about. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is the standard international qualification to enable you to teach English overseas to children who do not have English as their first language.


TEFL Course Abroad
TEFL Course Abroad

The need for English language skills is increasing throughout the world as it is quickly becoming the lingua franca of international business and communications: English is increasingly being seen to be a valuable global commodity. With this comes the need for more English language teachers, to help introduce the language to children and adults across the world, providing a fantastic opportunity for those looking to travel whilst earning a bit of cash and sharing their knowledge of the English language!

TEFL qualifications overseas usually begin with a course, followed by assessments and then a placement period working in a practical environment. The courses aim to provide you with all the knowledge and practical advice you need to become a confident and engaging English teacher. You will be taught a number of key elements, such as how to put together lesson plans, and how to make lessons interesting and engaging, how to teach different student levels and how to motivate your students so that they are eager to learn and work effectively in your classes.

Cambodia Teaching Project
Cambodia Teaching Project

Once you are up to scratch and have passed your assessments successfully you will hold a recognised qualification that allows you to travel and teach throughout the world, and the best thing is that the qualification is valid for the rest of your life, so is a real positive to have on your CV or resume.

There are many benefits to completing a TEFL qualification and it can be an extremely proactive and enlightening way to spend your time overseas. Teaching abroad allows you to completely immerse yourself in a new culture and gain a thorough understanding of how the education system works across the world and furthermore it will open your eyes to the obstacles some teachers, schools and countries have to overcome on a daily basis.

Holding a TEFL qualification is a fantastic platform to begin a career in teaching, or will set you up for success, building your confidence to enter or progress in your chosen field. These opportunities will certainly enhance your CV, emphasising that you are able to adapt to new environments and have a variety of transferrable skills.

For more information on the TEFL qualification and teaching opportunities we have available take a look at our teaching abroad section.

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