Why take a Career Break?

There are so many reasons why someone would take a career break. Maybe you are just tired of the same old, repetitive nature of your current job and need some time to reflect and rejuvenate your passions. Maybe your bucket list has just been growing and growing over the years, and you have never had a chance to tick anything off, so travelling the world is just the next logical step in life. Maybe you just need a bit of sunshine in your life, so working as an expat in another country has really started to appeal. No matter your reasoning, career break travel is about mixing up your standard daily routine, and experiencing something completely new whilst travelling overseas.

Care Work Programme in India
Care Work Programme in India

A career break combined with meaningful travel gives you the unique opportunity to gain exposure to some astounding countries and cultures and will give you the chance to experience a side of life in your chosen destination that you would never experience at home in your workplace. You will return to your workforce after your career break with a range of skills and cultural understanding that many of your peers will not have, which will make you stand out in a really positive way!

Sports Project in Udaipur India
Sports Project in Udaipur India

There is so much opportunity to develop on a career break, so do not fall for the ageing myth that a career break will hinder your future prospects. Here is just a few ways in which you will develop as an individual on your career break:

  • Learn something new, or build on existing skills.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Gain experience working overseas.
  • Redefine and shape your career.

Nowadays employers see career breaks as a great way for applicants to improve on their transferable skills that are critical for a cohesive working environment. To find out a bit more information on how taking a career break can help with developing your work based skills take a look at our Personal Development page.

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