What Do You Want To Do?

What you should do whilst away on your life changing trip overseas is the key question you should ask yourself. What you do during your Changing Worlds trip is down to individual interests and character traits. As we all know, everyone is completely unique, and all have different ideas of what will make an amazing overseas quest.

Work with Animals
Work with Animals

Some people may be adventurists at heart and want to do a complete 360 around the globe, and take in as much as possibly in as many places as they can in the time they have. Others may be of the thrill-seeking nature, and want to travel to countries that can offer them some of the most extreme activities available, creating a real feast for the senses. Those of you of a more relaxed, chilled-out nature may be perfectly happy escaping the hustle-and-bustle of the beaten track and just relax on a sun-kissed, palm-fringed beach on a tropical island paradise. If you see your time abroad as a good opportunity to learn a new skill, or gain some valuable experience, maybe a paid work role, internship placement or specific course or qualification, such as a TEFL teaching qualification, may be more your cup of tea, as you can have the chance to earn money and gain some amazing experience working abroad or learn from local professionals and focus your career in your chosen field. For those with itchy feet and a desire to see as much of a specific destination as they can whilst taking in all that country, or continent, has to offer, then a culture or adventure tour may be the way to go. And for those of a more caring nature, who think nothing would be better than working to promote a better life for others, a volunteer placement working in disadvantaged communities or on a summer camp would be a truly humbling experience.

The next question you should ask yourself when planning what you want to do may be how long you would like to go away for. Your length of travelling may be influenced by a number of variables; for example, you may have commitments at home that you cannot leave for too long, or maybe you have simply had enough of your home town or city, and just want to escape to another country for as long as you possibly can.

Teaching Projects Abroad
Teaching Project Abroad

Clearly the longer you go away for, the more opportunities you will have to take part in some incredible activities, so if there are lots of things that your insatiable appetite for travel and adventure is longing for a longer time overseas is exactly what you are looking for. However, if you only have a couple of things that you have a burning desire to see or achieve, maybe a shorter trip could be arranged for you to help fulfil your aspirations.

No matter the length of your intended travels, Changing Worlds can accommodate you, so just search our world and see what you can find.

What you do with your time is completely your decision, and only you know what would keep you happy during your time abroad. If you cannot decide, the please contact us and talk it through with one of our experienced Travel Advisors.

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