CRB / DBS Check Process

Changing Worlds has a partnership with a third party organisation that processes all CRB / DBS checks and disclosures on behalf of the Changing Worlds team. The process is extremely straight forward, making all aspects of the check as easy for the applicant as possible. Here is a quick break down of the process required to complete a CRB / DBS check or disclosure:

  1. Changing Worlds will send off the applicants name, placement position or role selected by the applicant, along with the applicant’s email address to the third party CRB / DBS organisation.
  2. The applicant will receive an email from the third party organisation with a username and password for secure log in for an online system.
  3. The applicant must log into the online system and complete an application form giving personal details and consent for the CRB / DBS check to be completed by the third party organisation.
  4. The applicant will then be required to send over scans or clear photographic identification documents to the Changing Worlds team for verification.
  5. A member of the Changing Worlds team is our designated ID verifier and will be in charge of all verification ID documents received. Please check the list of required ID documents we send out for the CRB / DBS check.
  6. After the applicant’s ID documents have been verified by a member of the Changing Worlds team, all applicant information is sent directly to the government DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) for processing.
  7. A certificate of completion should be received by the applicant within 7 to 14 days. Changing Worlds will only receive a copy of the certificate if there is an undisclosed incident or an email will be sent saying there is nothing to disclose.

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