Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility starts from the outset with our pre-departure advice and briefings that we give to all Changing Worlds participants. We aim to help travellers to understand the differences between their domestic customs and the local customs, and the cultural etiquette that will be expected of them in their destination country. By being culturally aware before travelling, it minimises any negative attitudes during your trip and promotes a positive and extremely rewarding cross-cultural interaction with your host community.

Simple things like learning a few words in the local language before travelling to a certain country, such as brushing up on your ‘por favors’ and ‘gracias’ before travelling to Argentina; or understanding a few of the common local customs, such as how to dress respectfully in certain parts of Africa.

By working with local people on our overseas projects, much of the work we do promotes increased social opportunity for many people. Many of our volunteer and internship placements have direct positive influences on the local children and local staff who you will actively help during your placements. By having a steady stream of willing participants, our placements remain sustainable in the local communities in which they operate.

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