9 Benefits Of Taking A Gap Year Before Further Education

Taking a gap year can be a brilliant idea, depending on your goals and how well you match your gap year activities to those future endeavors. What do you want to get out of your gap year? Which parts of the world do you want to see? Which cultures do you want to experience? What are you passionate about? There is a gap year for any goal – your job is simply to find it! Changing Worlds provides a plethora of activities in a wide range of countries, making creating your dream gap year easier than ever.

1. Travel Adventures

Gap years are a big travel adventure waiting to happen. Take a grand adventure across the globe to whichever destinations spark your interest. Come back home with exciting stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime. Changing Worlds provides trips in over 17 countries with activities including:

Whatever your interests are, we’ve got you covered!

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2. Build Independence

If you’ve just finished college or high school, a gap year can be a good stepping stone to prepare you for university. University life requires you to be self-sufficient, whether it be through academic projects or developing life skills needed to live independently. A gap year gives you the opportunity to be on your own, build independence, and understand yourself deeper outside of the school setting.

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3. Time for Reflection

A gap year provides the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. Sometimes, life is so fast-paced and competitive that there’s no time to stop and reflect on your goals, your future, and your life. A gap year gives you the time you need to take a step back, breathe, and better design your path towards your goals.

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4. Sense of Purpose

A gap year is your chance to invest in yourself whilst simultaneously contributing to something you believe in. Give back to communities that are in need of your help. Contribute to projects you believe in. Volunteer and teach your interests to spread love and awareness whether it be sports, academics, creative activities, or more.

5. Language Learning

Living abroad and interacting with the locals in their native language on a daily basis can really help accelerate your progression for learning a new language. It can help build your resume, enrich your life, expand your career options, and be the key for you to experience a new culture in a completely different light.

6. Career-Building Potential

Depending on the choice of your future career, school is more than likely going to be important for advancing in your chosen field. But gap years can provide opportunities not available in schools. Learn and build towards your career outside the four walls of a classroom. Put yourself out there and gain real-life experience!

You can improve your ability to communicate and adapt quickly in the face of challenges, work with your hands, learn from experts, earn certifications, or learn to become proficient in skills needed for your chosen career field. No matter what you do with your gap year, it can definitely contribute to your resume.

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7. Flexibility Of Gap Year

Have you ever felt stifled by the confined four walls of a classroom and school setting? Have you felt that the school curriculum was too restricting for you to explore what you love? A gap year is the ideal chance for you to break out of the mold! Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of a gap year as you get to pick and choose projects and volunteer work that supports your interests and goals. You can use your gap year to find out what works for you, whilst learning and exploring more about your interests.

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8. Preparation for University

If you’re headed to university, you may want to consider taking a gap year as it gives you the necessary experiences to improve your applications alongside equipping you with the needed experiences for when you arrive. Gap year experiences can help you stand out amongst the crowd and if you choose projects that complement your future endeavors, it can provide you with the required educational and career experiences.

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9. Discover a Hidden Passion

Whether it’s teaching children academics, spreading creativity, sharing your love of sports, or helping restore local communities, a gap year can be the catalyst for self-discovery. It can help you to realise your personal goals and then provide the resources to achieve those dreams.

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The Bottom Line

A gap year is what you make of it! No matter what situation you may currently find yourself in, whether a fresh college graduate or looking for a career break, it never hurts to consider taking some time off. This is especially true if the time off is being put to good use, such as travelling internationally to take part in volunteer projects you’re passionate about. Experiences like this can change the way you think forever and will leave you with incredible memories lasting a lifetime.

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