Where Your Fees Are Spent

Some people may be questioning where the money that you are paying towards a trip with Changing Worlds actually goes. As with any trip overseas, there are lots of things to consider in order to make all the arrangements necessary for your chosen placement or trip to go ahead, and for us to provide the excellent personalised service that we pride ourselves on.


With all of our placements, the Changing Worlds team has put a lot of background work into making the trip viable and as meaningful and fulfilling as possible – from meeting in-country organisations, vetting in-country staff, conducting safety assessments, and effectively evaluating the benefits for not only you, but for the community you are working in.

Assistance with Choosing Your Trip

It is perfectly natural to be unsure where you should go, or which placement or trip is right for you. That is why we have a friendly team of knowledgeable Travel Advisors on hand to offer all the advice and guidance you need to make the right decision.

Pre-departure Advice

When you have chosen the placement or trip that is right for you, you will be assigned your own personal Travel Advisor, who will be on hand to guide you through the essentials to help you prepare for your overseas adventure.

Help with Flights and Insurance

As flights and insurance are not included in all our trips, we offer a simple and comprehensive flight and insurance booking service through our preferred travel partners. We are also ATOL registered, so in some packages we offer you flights will be included but this will be explained to you at the time.

Arrival In-country

On arrival in your chosen destination country, it may be a little bit daunting and this is why we ensure a member of our in-country team will be there to meet you. You will be collected at the airport arrivals gate and taken to your accommodation, where you will receive a warm welcome. Within the first few days of your trip you will receive comprehensive local orientation to get you used to your new surroundings, show you how to access any useful amenities and introduce you to some local customs, helping to ensure your safety and security whilst overseas.

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation is something we deem to be an essential part of any structured placement or trip, and this is why accommodation is included in all of our trips. We also endeavour to provide you with adequate food whilst on your placement, trip or tour; however, sometimes it is not always possible due to the structure of the trip, so be sure to check the details of each trip so you know what to expect.

In-country Support

Changing Worlds has dedicated in-country support teams available on all of our placements, trips and tours. Your safety, and overall enjoyment, is paramount so our staff live close to your accommodation, will be available 24 hours a day and will be your regular contact to make sure everything is running smoothly.

24-hour UK Support

Changing Worlds travellers also benefit from our international support network. Before you travel you will be provided with an emergency telephone number for our in-country team, which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of an emergency.

Volunteer Project Support

Much of the work we do overseas is to support local organisations by sending volunteers to aid the local initiatives and charity schemes that benefit the local community. For those of you embarking on a volunteer placement overseas, Changing Worlds makes a donation to help support community development in the region, having impacted tens of thousands of lives over the years through life skill development, education and health awareness. We could not do this unless we had the important involvement from our travellers.

Amazing Travel Experiences

It is vital for the development and sustainability of our placements, trips and tours that Changing Worlds is able to provide a reliable flow of participants. We therefore have to spend a portion of your fee on recruiting more people eager to travel and see the world in a constructive way. Costs go towards our website and tech maintenance, our office, phone lines, marketing, and our dedicated team of Travel Advisors, as well as putting the necessary bonds in place to protect your money. We are a business that puts social causes at the front of what we do and provide a sustainable model that works for all.

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