Sports Coaching in India

In India we organise sports coaching for students at government schools in Udaipur. We fly volunteers from all over the world to the government run schools to help develop children’s sporting skills and teach the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Many of the children who receive training are living below the poverty line and have never before had an opportunity like this presented to them. Our international volunteers are usually surprised at the unbelievable standard of sport the children display and their enthusiasm to learn new skills and try out new sports.

“Out here in India we work hard to provide sporting opportunities to children full of talent, enthusiasm and energy!”

Learning Sports for a Healthier Life

We organised a ‘Tie Olympic Match’ for them on 27th January, 2019. 20 boys from a hostel were encouraged to take part in this tournament. These boys enjoyed their morning sports practise with our participants. First, the participants began the session with showcasing their talents to our students. Seeing these talented participants showing their sports enthusiasm inspired the students to get up early and join the practices at 6 AM. The participants made it a habit to rise early and practise and would proactively encourage young students to join them on the pitch at sunrise.

Since the schools do not have the facility to train for physical education, we created this platform for students to train and improve their skills in sports. Our participants started to coach these students for sports like football, cricket, volleyball and chess. The participants and children formed a great bond from the off; the participants were grateful to the children for providing them with first hand teaching experience whilst the children were grateful to the participants for developing their sporting abilities. Many of the participants were also honoured to help build a more sustainable future for the children by enhancing their skill set through education.

Our full time local coach Nadeem and participants from various countries enjoyed coaching the students to play sports while using and training them in new techniques to upscale on their physical skills as well as life skills.

“Playing sports can aid the personal development of any child as it promotes social interaction, knowledge and passion which are life skills that lead to their overall development.”

Sports in India

After all, sports is for all and we must find alternative methods of ensuring every student enjoys the feeling of being active by engaging in sports. We let the students express themselves through participating in tournaments and inter-school matches.

In the last inter-school football match, our students won by penalty shoot out. They rejoiced over their victory with our participants and project coordinators. They were given medals and a trophy.

It is wonderful to see these students have learnt the art of sportsmanship and teamwork. Next match is scheduled to be held on 4th May 2019, which is eagerly awaited by students and our team alike.

Furthermore, we also gave the children lessons on personal health care and various other important issues such as gender equality. All elements of this program took place on the sports field in fun and interactive ways.

Playing sports can aid the personal development of any child as it promotes social interaction, knowledge and passion which are life skills that lead to their overall development. Nadeem, a dedicated coach from our organisation helps the students to achieve their dreams along with our enthusiastic participants.

The participants are involved in all aspects of the program from organising matches, teaching, planning lessons and umpiring. The sports program is an amazing scheme where children develop and form friendships and participants gain transferable teaching skills!

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