Environmental Responsibility

For us at Changing Worlds, it is incredibly important to minimise the negative effects that overseas travel has on the environment. Whether that is through carbon emissions as a result of travel, or the excessive use of paper and cardboard for promotions and pre-departure planning. We have teamed up with Climate Care, an environmental sustainability scheme, and aim to encourage all our travellers to offset the carbon emissions from their flights. We also endeavour to provide adequate information on how to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment and how to travel responsibly.

We are also, as much as possible, a digital travel organisation, thus further reducing the need for printed materials and marketing collateral.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets help individuals to compensate for emissions caused through their travel exploits: through sponsorship of certain activities or projects, such as wind farms, forest and tree planting; and water filter schemes which avoid release of, or contribute to, the absorption of carbon dioxide gas.

All flights and other methods of transport involved in your travels will have a negative effect on the environment so in order to be an ethical and responsible traveller, we suggest that you should make every effort to reduce waste and carbon emissions where possible.

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