Economic Responsibility

Changing Worlds is an ethical and responsible travel organisation that channels the funds you pay for your trip directly into the local community of your chosen destination country by using:

  • Local accommodation, which brings an income to the local owners
  • Local staff, which provides jobs to the people from the area
  • Local food, which brings trade to the shops and markets
  • Local transport, which maintains a flow of money through the area’s public and private transport industry
  • Local facilities, and popular hot-spots for social activities, which brings further trade to the local community

The vast spending power of visitors to the communities we work in is considerable, and really helps to drive the local economy through enjoying your personal travel, socialising with other travellers and locals, and buying gifts and souvenirs for those waiting for you back at home. At Changing Worlds we believe travellers have an economic responsibility to the communities they travel to, which is why we encourage travellers to interact with and use local services wherever possible.

Part of your trip price goes directly towards buying specialist equipment for the local community, such as teaching materials or sports equipment, which is used by our travellers during their placement and is always left for the local community post trip.

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