A Life Enriching Experience’ – Volunteer Care Work Project in Argentina

An interview with Changing Worlds volunteer Sonja Brugger who joined us on a rewarding Care Work project in Argentina. Here Sonja tells us all about her best moments in Buenos Aires and why she would recommend it to others!

Q&A with Sonja Brugger on her care work project experience in Argentina

Why did you decide to go overseas?

“I was looking for an experience in a different country, outside of Europe, but however close to our cultural background. Further, I wanted to study some Spanish while volunteering.”

What did you achieve during your placement with Changing Worlds?

“Organizing events with the kids, such as visiting museums, the Fox TV Channel Studios in Buenos Aires, handling recreation activities, such as movie afternoons, drawing and painting afternoons, group plays, treasure hunts, etc. Further helping the other volunteers/workers with donations and other activities (preparing birthday parties, taking kids to school, etc).”

What did you achieve personally from the experience?

“Really a lot! It was a unique experience, the location became somehow my family for the two months. Besides getting to know the Argentinian culture, it was a great thing to work with the kids each day, getting them to know and helping them get through tough times. The personnel of the local team is very professional, reliable, and have a big heart. This place is outstanding in their achievements and devotion to the kids that they host.”

What was a typical day like?

“There are no typical days, but mostly we helped organize the donations, helped out in the kitchen, babysitting the small kids, playing with all the kids either in their homes or at the playgrounds, etc.”

What are your most memorable moments?

“Spending time with the kids, helping the people on the grounds managing the kids on an everyday basis, taking them on visits to museums, etc., but also getting to know the other volunteers and people engaged in the orphanage.”

What was social life like?

We spend all of our time at the orphanage, thus the evenings – once off duty – were spent with other volunteers. That was also a great opportunity to learn more about the culture and religion.

What were the local people and culture like?

“Super friendly and accommodating. Very helpful, open-minded, and easy to get along with. Speaking some basic Spanish was quite helpful.”

What did you try that you had never tried before?

“Staying with more than 10 kids every day playing, entertaining them, and making them have a good time!”

What are your top 5 must-see places in Argentina?

“Buenos Aires, the Glaciers in Patagonia, the waterfalls of Iguazu, Tierra del Fuego, and Salta (the last one I have not seen, but it is definitely on my list).”

What are your top 5 things to do in Argentina?

“Travel and again travel, learn Spanish, taste the great Argentinian food, and dance tango.”

What were you doing before you went away?

“I was and am a manager working in the TV industry.”

What obstacles did you have to overcome to go on the trip and how did you overcome them?

“Understanding how to manage financial resources (Argentina has high inflation, thus the best is to exchange cash directly in-country); ATMs are almost never working, so the worries about how to get cash are tremendous. Learn at least some basic Spanish (I went to Spanish class for the first 10 days, which was highly helpful.”

If you took a gap year or a career break, why did you do this, and what have you gained from doing so?

“I was able to take just 2 months, but even if it was a short time, it opens your mind also when coming back home to your routine: you are more confident about what you do, and less worried about how to get over obstacles as they seem quite easy compared to what people have to face in their lives under tougher circumstances.”

Has the experience affected your ‘life plan’ in any way and if so how?

“Sure in terms of living without prejudice and fear. Sure I have learned that I could basically start over again from scratch if I needed to. Not in terms of dropping my current life and leaving it all behind, but absolutely in terms of wanting to continue to support social projects also in the future.”

Would you recommend it to others and if so why?

“Absolutely YES! It is a life-enriching experience, I have gained new friends and views, and can’t wait to travel back to Argentina to see the kids again and go visit some more areas in this beautiful country.”

To find out more about this amazing project and how you can get involved check out our Argentina section.

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