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In many cases when parents wave their son or daughter off as they embark on their trip of a lifetime the main worries and anxiety can come from a lack of communication. It can sometimes be difficult to maintain consistent communication with loved ones who are on the other side of the world having the time of their life, so it is always good to establish a method of communication, and make an agreement on how often they will get in touch to let you know they are safe and having an amazing time.

There are many ways that you can stay in touch with your son or daughter whilst they are overseas, so there can be no excuses when it comes to staying in touch, as we see this is an important part of the travel experience.

These days, the most popular method of parents staying in touch with sons and daughters is through the use of WhatsApp and email and more recently social media. With the dramatic advances in the internet over the past few decades means it has become an extremely easy and accessible way of communicating with loved ones on the other side of the world. Most cities and towns will have internet cafes or WIFI points, which are cheap, and provide much needed internet access. Emails and social network sites give your young travellers the chance to send you messages telling you about all the fun things they are up to, and also an opportunity to upload some choice photos from their great adventures!

Another great method for staying in direct contact is by mobile phone. Most service providers now offer their customers roaming SIM card services. These allow the user to take their mobile phone with them whilst they travel, giving them the flexibility to make calls and send text messages back home with a little round-up of the exciting things that they have been up to during their time overseas. Most service providers have special offers and options for those travelling overseas, who still want to use their home SIM card, making life just that little bit easier when the international phone bill comes in! Alternatively, it maybe worth purchasing a local SIM in the country visited and the getting a good data bundle, as apps like WhatsApp are a cheap and very effective way of communicating.

Those who are keen to document their travels in a bit more detail may be interested in starting a travel blog on one of the many blogging websites that have come to the forefront in this digital age. Your son or daughter could have their very own web page, which you would have access to, on which they can write, in great detail in some cases, the extent of their travel experiences, with the opportunity to upload images and videos to supplement their diary style articles which are posted. The blog can be edited and updated throughout their time overseas, so this would be an excellent way of making sure they are having a fantastic time, without feeling as though you are imposing on their trip. On many blogs, readers can also comment on the articles posted, so you can send quick messages to let them know you are reading what they have been up to, and sharing some quick stories of home and to let them know that you miss them!

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