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Care Work Volunteer Project

Vietnam Flag
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Vietnam people
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Trip Code: VNVCW1
Duration: 2 Weeks - 12 Weeks
From £650 for 2 Weeks + £250 per Week
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Care Work ProjectCare Work ProjectCare Work Project

Take part in this rewarding care work project and give back to children in the local community who are need of a helping hand and some love and compassion. Help to restore their confidence, build on their English skills and make crafts to raise money for the shelter in order to improve their quality of life and future prospects all whilst exploring one of South East Asia’s less discovered gems.

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Care Work in Vietnam
Vietnam is developing at an incredible pace, leaving behind it’s traumatic past and looking eagerly into it’s fruitful, promising future. Evidence of the war remains in it’s people, it’s economy and imbedded in it’s culture, yet there is an overwhelming feeling of optimism here, which can be seen in the warming, charismatic locals. Relatively new to tourism Vietnam has maintained much of it’s charm and certainly boasts a unique, colourful culture. Furthermore diverse, rich landscapes, lively communities and bundles of history to uncover make this beautiful, intriguing country a must see for gap year travel. Although clearly moving forward Vietnam faces many of the same problems of developing nations, and while some communities are prospering, others suffer at the hands of poverty. Many children lack the financial support and adequate care that they deserve due to homelessness, loss of parents or abuse. Take part in this volunteer care work programme and you could bring hope and support to the children that need it most. 

Your Volunteer Care Work Placement
Based in the bustling Ho Chi Minh city this project aims to provide a brighter vision of life for children in disadvantaged communities through supporting local staff and lending a hand at a care work centre. The centre is dedicated to supporting around 40 rescused and orphaned street children from around Vietnam ranging from age 5-14, with the aim of providing shelter, food and a decent education. Many job roles across South East Asia are increasingly requiring English language skills due to the surge in tourism in recent years, and whilst this is being introduced into the school curriculum many children in disadvantaged communities do not have the financial support or resources available to take part in these structured lessons, resulting in a cycle of poverty from one generation to the next. By transerring the knowledge that we take for granted growing up you could make a real difference to the future of these children, providing them with the skills and confidence needed for a build a better life. 

Your Volunteer Care Work Role
Your role as a volunteer at the care work centre will vary from day to day depending on the needs of the children, and your main objective is to help relieve the workload of the permanent staff who are often overworked and underpaid. Teaching the English language will be a priority of the participants, as the level of English possessed by the children is very low  Having a native English speaker around has shown to dramatically improve the children’s language skills and you should focus on basic aspects to begin with such as simple vocabulary, basic conversation and simple writing. The classes are split into two levels depending on ability and you will have the chance to choose which level you teach at depending on your confidence at the time. As well as teaching there will be the opportunity to take part in some light construction and renovation work on the centre, in which you may try your hand at painting the outside or decorative art on the inside of the building, furthermore you will be also be able to get involved in farming and gardening work. 

One of the most unique and sustainable aspects of this placement is the chance to help fund the care centre through selling handicraft at the local market. You will learn the art of making traditional bracelets, necklaces and pendants with the children, and then travel to the local market in order to sell your wares with all the profits going directly to the centre. 

CRB/ DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check
Participants must complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, or provide a valid CRB certificate in order to be eligible for this trip. Changing Worlds can provide this service for you at an additional cost of £30. For more information on the application process please take a look at the relevant Add On tab. 

Gap Year and Career Break Volunteer Project in Vietnam
Take part in a volunteer care work project in Vietnam on your gap year or career break and make a real difference to the lives of children that have suffered at the hands of poverty by imparting your English skills, providing comfort and building their confidence. This would truly be a gap year or career break experience to remember!

Quick Facts

Trip Name
Care Work Volunteer Project
Trip Code
Tan Son Nhat International Airport (IATA: SGN, ICAO: VVTS)
Minimum Duration
2 Weeks
Maximum Duration
12 Weeks
Minimum Age
Trip Type
Care Work
From £650 for 2 Weeks + £250 per Week
£ 195.00
Preferred Duration
We would like volunteers to come on preferably an 8 to 12 week trip if possible. This ensures better management of the project and also helps you get the most from the social activities and group travel opportunities on offer.
Participants must complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check to be elegible for this placement. No prior care work or teaching experience is required. Completing a TEFL course may be useful.
Ideal for
Volunteer care work holidays and projects in South East Asia, activity breaks in Vietnam, volunteer care work gap years and career breaks.
• • •

Arrival Dates

Arrive any Sunday of the year for free airport collection (between 07:00 and 13:00) to our accommodation. If arriving outside this we'll make another arrangement with you. You will start your project on the Monday.

Note: The first week is a cultural induction week to help you settle in and meet the rest of the group, so you volunteer project will start in week two onward.

British Nationals will need to apply for a tourist visa to enter Vietnam. You can click here to find out about visa restrictions

• • •


At a shared volunteer accommodation, basic but comfortable; with a shared bedroom, toilet and shower and communal area for socialising and relaxing.
All Food is Provided on This Project
Full project induction and orientation on arrival
Pre departure help and advice; local in country team; 24 hour emergency support
Airport Pick Up
A Changing Worlds representative will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation on arrival.
Part of your fee is used to buy decent equipment for the project and community you work with
Equipment and Medical Discounts
Changing Worlds customers will receive 10% off Travel Equipment, Medical Supplies and Vaccinations from Nomad Travel Store.
Transport to and from your project sites is provided by our in-country team. Transport will include public and private: taxi, bus, boat, bicycle. Participants will be expected to walk when travelling short distances.
• • •

Not Included

Flights, travel insurance, visas, vaccinations, CRB/ DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check, spending money, in country travel and extra activities not on the itinerary.
• • •

Social Life in Vietnam
Vietnam’s social life has come into it’s own in recent years, especially through its emergence as a popular gap year destination. There are sure to be plenty of interesting and like minded people to meet along your travels and a whole host of thriving bars and traditional festivities to discover in your spare time! Make sure you check out the local markets and street food for some of Vietnam's’ finest and cheapest cuisine, these tend to be a social hub for the local community and a great place to test out your language skills and meet the locals.

Travel and Adventure in Vietnam
There will be plenty to keep you busy in your spare time whether you are looking for adventure fuelled activities, educational and cultural experiences or soaking up the exotic beach life. Your in country coordinators know the area inside out and will be on hand to make sure you get the very most out of your experience and point you in the right direction during your time off and after you placement. Vietnam is such a diverse country with so much to offer you’ll find it hard to choose where to start but make sure you add a few of these gems to your list; sailing through the magnificent natural beauty of Halong Bay, take a trip to Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam and explore it’s unspoilt coral reefs and paradise beaches; kite and windsurf down the sand dunes in Mui Ne and last but no means least discover the beautiful, world famous Mekong river. 

Accommodation in Vietnam
Your accommodation in Vietnam will be basic but comfortable with all the amenities you need including toilet, shower and a fan in the room. This will be based in a college campus in a dorm style living arrangement with other volunteers. You will also be living in close proximity to local students which allows for you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and become part of the local community. 

CRB/ DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Check
Participants must complete a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, or provide a valid CRB certificate in order to be eligible for this trip. Changing Worlds has a partnership with a third party organisation that processes all CRB / DBS checks and disclosures on behalf of the Changing Worlds team. The process is extremely straight forward, making all aspects of the check as easy for the applicant as possible. Changing Worlds can provide this service for you at an additional cost of £30. For more information on the application process please take a look at the relevant Add On tab. 

Vietnam Map

Vietnam feels like a hidden secret; traditional and off the beaten track this fascinating country is alive with historic treasures and the beautiful charm you find in many South East Asian countries. Although many westerners still see Vietnam as a country consumed by war, it has undergone a remarkable transformation in it’s recent years and is now the perfect setting for travel and adventure.

Encompassing all the ingredients needed for the trip of a lifetime from it’s diverse and breathtaking highlands to the bustling, lively cities, from stunning, paradise coastlines to it’s friendly and enthusiastic locals it really is a must visit destination!

Quick Facts
Scialist Republic of Vietnam
South East Asia
Bordering Countries
China, Laos, Cambodia
Capital City
Communist State
89 million
Vietnamese Dong (VND)
Scialist Republic of Vietnam
14.5% of the population live below the poverty line
Main Exports
Crude oil, Textiles, Rice, Coffee, Rubber, Coal, Aquaculture
The climate of Vietnam varies considerably from region to region. Although the entire country lies in the tropics and subtropics, local conditions vary from frosty winters in the far northern hills to year-round, subequatorial warmth in the Mekong Delta.
Time Zone
GMT +7
Vietnam Flag

Fun Facts
• The Vietnamese language has six different tones. The meaning of each word can change depending on which tone is used, making it an extremely hard language to learn.
• Approximately 40% of all Vietnamese, or more than 30 million people share the same family name, Nguyen.
• The Vietnamese keep Pot bellied pigs as pets!

Travel Highlights 
• Explore the magical Ha Long Bay by boat and drift around the thousands of islands, caves and floating villages that make up this top tourist destination. 
• Visit the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc and soak up the paradise beaches, tropical rainforests and undamaged coral reefs. 
• Let out your adventurous side as you kite or wind surf down the sand dunes in Mui Ne. This is also a fantastic spot for taking in breathtaking panoramic views of the sunset.
• Take a trip down the famous Mekong River, in the Mekong Delta and experience Vietnams beautiful landscape and traditional communities working in the rice fields. 
• Stay a night in Hoi An, nicknamed the 'Venice of Vietnam'. This old fishing village is jam packed full of winding lanes, narrow canals and chinese style shops. 

Vietnam Vietnam Vitenam

Where is Vietnam
Vietnam stretches the length of the Indochinese Peninsula. It’s shape resembles the letter S and It is surrounded by China, Laos, Cambodia and the South China Sea. The country is usually distinguished into three sections, the North, Central and the South all with very differing landscapes to explore.

Language in Vietnam
Vietnamese is the official language spoken in Vietnam however there is a little French spoken in the North. Like many Asian countries English is widely spoken throughout the tourist hotspots and large cities, however Vietnamese language is not too hard to pick up and so it is always worth learning some key phrases as this will be hugely appreciated. Among the many languages spoken in Vietnam are Vietnamese, Chinese, English, French, and Russian.

Climate in Vietnam
The climate in Vietnam varies enormously due to the shape of the country, and these weather patterns can be split into the North and South. Northern Vietnam has two seasons, winter falls between November and April which is cold and humid and then a warm, wet summer throughout the rest of the year. However the South of the country stays generally warm, with the hottest months falling between March and May.

People of Vietnam
There are approximately 75 million people living in Vietnam, the majority of which were born after the war with about 60% of the country are 35 years old or younger. This predominantly young and vibrant population are self driven, hard working and determined to improve their countries position, eager to learn from more developed nations. You will be welcomed with the trademark South East Asian charm, friendly nature and curiosity to learn more about your own culture.

Approximately 80% of the population are ethnic Vietnamese while the rest make more than fifty different ethnic groups, many of whom live as part of the many hill tribe communities in the North and Central highlands.

Travelling in Vietnam
There are many natural wonders to take in throughout Vietnam and you can't leave without drifting through the spectacular Ha Long Bay on a long boat, where limestone cliffs rise from the crystal blue water creating their very own magical landscape. Or if you fancy getting to grips with Vietnam’s intriguing history take a trip to the ancient city of Hue and visit palaces, tombs and temples of the ancient world. Make sure to spend some time in one of Vietnam’s sprawling, bustling cities such as Hanoi in the North, which are packed to the brim with cheap, local cuisine from street stalls and tempting night bazaars. Furthermore If you are a nature lover then Vietnam has it all, head off on an adventure to the highlands and take in the breathtaking, exotic landscape, trek through the rainforests and marvel at the huge array of species and wildlife. If you fancy kicking back and soaking up some rays, head to the idyllic, limitless beaches along the Eastern border, just waiting to be explored.

Gap Year and Career Break Travel in Vietnam
Take part in a gap year or career break in Vietnam and explore this mysterious and captivating land. This rich and diverse country has so much to offer the adventurer, the nature lover and even the city slicker, and you can be sure to never have a dull moment here on your gap year, career break or constructive trip abroad.

Some people find the concept of paying to volunteer a bit strange. The truth is you don’t actually pay for your volunteer placement. That part is free. Your money goes on all the other benefits around it.
Project Assessment
Before you see a placement on our website, a lot of background work has gone on. We have met with local organisations, vetted in-country staff, conducted rigorous safety assessments and thoroughly evaluated the benefits of the placement, both for you and the community. Only then do you get to see the placement on our website and book your place, safe in the knowledge that it is well-structured and beneficial to the local community.
Help Choosing Your Placement
If you are not sure which placement or country to choose, our hugely informative Travel Advisors are here to help. They are a friendly bunch, have all travelled extensively and can offer lots of advice on choosing the right placement for you. This makes the task of deciding to volunteer in a foreign country much less intimidating, and far more exciting.
Pre-departure Advice
Once you have booked your placement, you will be assigned a dedicated Travel Advisor to offer essential pre-departure advice on vaccinations, visas, kit lists and more. They will also be on call to answer those important last minute questions like “how many pairs of socks do I need?” and “can I take my mobile phone with me?”
Help with Flights and Insurance
We do not include flights and travel insurance in our placement fee. This avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. It also gives you flexibility to plan any further travel before or after your volunteer placement. We do, however, offer lots of help on this through our leading flights and insurance partners, providing you with an easy booking facility and the best prices around.
Airport Pick-Up
Landing in a foreign country for the first time can be daunting. This is why we ensure our in-country staff are there to meet you on arrival. There’s nothing like seeing a friendly face when you walk out of a new airport. And once we have given you a warm welcome, the in-country staff will take you back to your accommodation where you can meet the rest of the team and other volunteers.
Arrival Orientation
We will take you through a local orientation and placement induction on arrival. This will introduce you to any useful amenities and local customs, and it will also show you how to stay safe while volunteering abroad. Our team also have lots of handy travel tips and advice if you are thinking of exploring the country in your spare time.
Accommodation and Food
Accommodation is included in all of our placements. Our volunteer houses, family home-stays and shared residences are comfortable and very sociable places to live while overseas. In some destinations, you may be able to upgrade to alternative accommodation. Just contact us for details. We endeavour to supply food on all of our placements, however in some cases this is not always possible. In many cases you will receive at least 1 meal a day, please see the project summary for further details.  
In-Country Staff
Your safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us. That’s why we have dedicated in-country teams to look after you throughout your placement. Our staff live nearby, can be reached 24-hours a day and will check-in with you throughout your placement to ensure everything is running smoothly, and you are happy in your new environment.
24-Hour Emergency Support
In addition to our in-country staff, you will benefit from our international support network. You will be given emergency contact details before you leave which you can call in the event of a crisis. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ongoing Project Support
For every volunteer who travels with us, we make a donation to support the work you do in-country. This donation funds future initiatives in the countries and supports the local community, ensuring that those living in disadvantaged communities also have opportunities to develop.
Recruiting More Volunteers
In order to provide a reliable flow of volunteers to our placements overseas, we have to spend a chunk of money on recruiting people like you. Our projects simply wouldn’t survive if we didn’t. It costs to maintain a website, an office, phone lines and a team of dedicated Travel Advisors to answer all your questions!
Vietnam Flights Travellers
There are quite a few things to consider and to organise before you travel to your chosen destination to take part in your trip or tour with us.

Flights and Insurance
Flights and insurance are not included on your placement which means you will have to arrange them before you leave. But don't panic, this is simpler than you may think! To make life much easier for you, we offer a free, personal booking service through our chosen flights and insurance partner – StudentUniverse, part of Flight Centre. They will guide you every step of the way.

Please only use this service here and do not go into one of their branches as this can complicate things for us.

Browse or book flights using our search engine. Click here to access it.

Alternatively you can call them on 03300 585032 and mention you are considering or are going away with Changing Worlds and let them do the hard work. They will also be able to provide you with adequate travel insurance.

Travelling after your trip with us? Need a round-the-world ticket? Not a problem... just discuss this with them too.

Why are flights not included?
By not including flights in our trips and tours, it avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. This keeps the cost of your trip lower and also means you have the freedom to search around for the lowest fares and most flexible tickets that fit your travel plans. It also means you can benefit from the expertise of our preferred partner.

What happens when flights and insurance are booked?
When you book any trip with us, you will gain access to our online Travel Centre, personalised for you. In here you will have all the information about your trip and how to plan for it, including the contact details for our in-country team and address you will be staying at.

There are also some forms we need you to complete before you depart, covering areas like your dietary requirements, next-of-kin, medical information, flight arrivals details and more.

Do I really need travel insurance?
We take the safety of our travellers very seriously. You must therefore book adequate travel insurance before you come away with us – you simply won’t be able to participate in your trip or tour if you don’t. Although policies vary, your insurance must include emergency medical expenses, personal accident cover, and repatriation. We also recommend that you book baggage, personal liability and cancellation cover.

Some of the countries where we work will require you to have a visa. We provide guidance for this against the Trip Summary tab so you can check whether your nationality requires it. If a visa is required we will provide a letter of invitation, if the embassy requests this, as well as all the relevant information you will need to complete the visa application process. This information is provided after you book with us. With all visa applications it is important that you have sufficient space available in your passport for the relevant visas required for your travels, and that your passport is valid for at least six months after your planned date of return.

Please note we have no control over the issuing of visas and this is at the embassies discretion. We will help wherever possible though.

At least 6 – 8 weeks before your chosen travel date you should visit your local GP or Nomad Travel Clinic to discuss your vaccination and medication requirements. Your medical professional will be able to advise you of any recommended and required vaccinations for your chosen destination(s).You should inform your doctor of all of your destination countries, and what activities you plan on doing, and in which regions you plan to stay while you are there, as different regions and activities have different health risks in some countries.

Some destination countries will require you to produce a certificate of vaccination in order to enter the country, so be sure that you understand any vaccination requirements for your chosen destination, so that you do not have any issues when passing through customs.

Above all you should make sure you are well prepared for your travels, so that you have the best experience possible whilst overseas!
Speak To Us
If you have any questions or would like some more information, simply contact one of our friendly Travel Advisors. They will answer any queries you have and tell you what it’s really like to volunteer or take part in a placement overseas. You can give us a call, request a call back or drop us an email.
Book Your Place
Once you have decided to volunteer with us, you can secure your place by paying a small deposit. You will then be able to pay the rest of your project fee in easy-to-manage installments.
Welcome Pack
Once we have received your deposit, we will send you a welcome email confirming your booking. This will contain your personal login details for your Travel Centre – an online account full of useful information about your destination, you chosen project and all the things you need to do before you depart.
Personal Information
We will ask you to provide some key information to help us create the best overseas experience for you, such as medical and dietary requirements, any relevant previous experience you have, and what you’re hoping to get out of your time abroad. We may also ask you to complete a police background check.
Flights and Insurance
You will need to book your flights and travel insurance before you leave, and then provide us with these details. We do not include flights and insurance in the project fee (to avoid passing on extra admin costs to you) but our partners will help you find the best options around.
Visas and Vaccinations
Next you will need to get your vaccinations and visas for your project. Your travel nurse or local doctor will tell you exactly what you need. We will also provide you with lots of information to make obtaining your visa very straightforward.
Final Payment
We will ask you for your final payment 90 days before your scheduled departure date. Once paid, you will be ready to pack your bags, grab your passport and get on the plane!
Our in-country team will give you a warm welcome at the overseas airport before taking you to your accommodation. You will then receive a comprehensive orientation to help you settle in to the country and prepare you for your project.

1) Are meals included in this trip? 
Food is an important, so we include meals for the duration of this trip. On Weekdays our team will provide 3 meals per day and on weekends 2 meals per day (Brunch/ Dinner). 

2) What accommodation and support is provided?
Accommodation is provided in our comfortable volunteer houses (shared rooms of 2-4 people) or at a local home-stay, staying with a local family, and in some cases at the project site. You will be provided with a 24/7 emergency number for each respective country on arrival, and you will have the dedicated support from English speaking staff on site. Our in-country team also operates formal helpdesk during working hours for any feedback and questions from our participants.

3) Can a participant book a private room? 
On the whole, the accommodation we provide is twin or four shared, however we do offer those looking for a bit more privacy the opportunity to guarantee their own single room for an extra fee per week (dependant on availability – ask us for details). Just let us know in the comments section of your booking and we will try to make it happen for you! 

4) What ages are allowed on the trip? 
We recommend that those taking part in this trip should be 18+ year olds. For those who are under 18 years old, it is still possible to take part in the trip, we would however need written consent from a parent or legal guardian. Please mention this in the comments section of your booking. 

5) When do trip activities take place? 
The general schedules for this trip runs from Monday to Friday (unless otherwise stated that some weekend work is available) with evenings during the week, and weekends free for travel, excursions and activities. This trip is available all year but please take note that schedule adjustments may occur on certain dates throughout the year, due to the constant evolution of the projects and circumstances beyond our control.

6) When can a participant arrive? 
As part of our in-country service we endeavour to provide an airport pick-up for all participants. A participant should arrive at their arrival airport any time on the Sunday of the weekend of their trip start date, and will be met in the airport arrivals by a member of our in-country team or transfer service. Please note that for those arriving on a Saturday, an extra night accommodation charge is due (dependant on availability – ask us for details). Extra nights before or after your trip (Saturday being the last day for the trip) have a cost of £25 per night). Just let us know in the comments section of your booking! 

For those participants unable to arrive on the weekend, but will be arriving after the weekend on a weekday, a £50 transfer charge applies for airport pick-up and transfer to the accommodation site, unless the participant is making their own way to the accommodation location. In all such cases, please make sure we have all information of your arrival in good time before your trip.

7) Where do you pick-up and drop off? 
Return transfers to the airport are not provided, however we do covered your drop-off to the closest main city to your trip location, NOT to the airport. This is due to people having a range of different plans after their trip, and to avoid complications and logistical nightmares, transfers back to the airport are not available. 

8) How are participants transported? 
Trip participants should expect to be transferred from the airport to their trip location by public transport (Taxi or Coach). Depending on your chosen trip, trip related transport can vary between minibus, open air cars, boats, and even bicycles. 

9) What level of interactivity is required for this trip? 
We require our participants to be socially active whilst taking part in your trip! This trip incorporates lots of inter-action with the local people and culture, involves some local travel, and our volunteer projects will need you to use initiative the ability to think on your feet. In all cases, our in-country coordinators will be there to guide you and provide 24hr support to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Nomad Travel Logo

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Specialising in kit that can take you off the beaten track, Nomad ensure that you leave fully prepared for your trip. With large ranges in-store and online including clothing, rucksacks, footwear and a lot more as well as a team of travel experts to help you select your gear, Nomad are the one stop shop for all your travel needs. 

In addition Nomad have been providing travel health advice to thousands of people to ensure they leave prepared health-wise for their trip. As well as general advice about your destination, vaccinations and information about anti-malaria options, you will also be able to discuss any health issues you might be worried about when travelling abroad.

Changing Worlds have teamed up with Nomad Travel Stores to offer great deals on a whole range of equipment and clothing.

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Visit their website to take advantage of this great offer and service here: www.nomadtravel.co.uk 



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  • "The experience of living with other volunteers and students was a great! An unbelievable sports experience! As a football fan I really couldn't imagine a better place to visit."
    Joseph Berry , Sports, Argentina
  • "Working in the orphanage with these adorable kids was a great way to do something really good with my time abroad on my gap year. I would recommend it to anyone who is keen to work with children. A magical experience! I cannot wait to go back to Argentina and see how they are all getting on."
    Jade Garcia , Care Work, Argentina
  • "I loved this volunteer project in the orphanage in Buenos Aires. So many great kids, who love to play and learn from you. I really enjoyed the cooking lessons in the bakery, and the kids really liked to do face painting and arts, which was really fun, it was great to be able to put smiles on their faces. I will treasure my memories of my trip to Argentina for a long time."
    Susan Tanner , Care Work, Argentina
  • "Football coaching in India was awesome - from the day I arrived to the day I left. The people, especially the children, the culture, the food, were all great!! It was an experience that I will never forget!! If you have the opportunity travel and coach sport... especially in India....then just go for it! .... Sanj"
    Sanjay Thanki , Sports, India
  • "The experience I had in Ecuador was without doubt the greatest experience of my life so far. I would recommend the programme to anyone who has even the slightest interest in playing or coaching football."
    Craig Lawlor , Sports, Ecuador
  • "My time in Quito was amazing. I had a wonderful experience working with the kids, and partying in the Mariscal. My homestay was also fabulous and I made amazing friends with my other housemates and the family. I look forward to returning sometime soon."
    Francesca Ioffreda , Sports, Ecuador
  • "Overall it is such an enjoyable placement and very good for helping my German and communication skills. It’s really fun and everyone is really friendly. The kids are lovely and there’s never a dull moment!"
    Stephanie Memory , Teaching, Germany
  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Phil Nolan , Sports, Canada
  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Samantha Platt , Sports, Canada
  • "I am extremely passionate about this project and being a professional photographer, meant I could teach a wide range of skills to the kids".
    Remy Whiting , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "Having the in-country contacts to work on my own photography stories was perfect. Thanks to all involved".
    James Burton , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "This law internship gave me a unique perspective on law in Africa and has certainly widened my options within the law field".
    Andy Smith , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Thanks to all the Ghana team for making this law internship happen for me. Such an amazing experience and Ghanaians are sooo friendly."
    Jemma Mansfield , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "It was so interesting working into the law sector in Ghana and getting this experience. Such a great way to spend my summer doing something totally different."
    Mark Fulton , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Costa Rica is such a wonderful country and being able to help out on the care work project with the children was such a privilege."
    Lara Gillard , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "The whole team in Costa Rica were awesome and really helped me make the most our of my time there both on the care work project and showing me the adventures of the country."
    Tom Smith , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "This placement gave me the mix of helping young children and also experiencing a totally different culture. My Spanish has really improved too."
    Kiki Jones , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "I am studying in animal welfare and this placement was perfect in getting real life experience relevant to my career".
    Gordon Bennell , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • "The whole experience was fantastic from the staff at the rescue centre, to Andy and his family. Thank you for looking after me so well."
    Ruth Eales , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • Fab way to start my week, our guide was awesome and gave us so many tips. Met an amazing group of people and the team in the office really help you sort your time out after you've finished the first week. Would really recommend to solo travellers.
    Emma Lowton , Adventure, New Zealand

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