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The Ghana Experience

Ghana Flag
Accra, Ghana
Ghana Experience
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Trip Code: GHTGE1
Duration: 21 Days
From £945 for 21 Days
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Kakum National ParkWli WaterfallsBead Making

Discover the beauty of one of Africa's most captivating countries in this action packed adventure tour. Immerse yourself in this diverse and exciting culture as you learn about traditional African art and cookery, visit the country's top nature reserves, and take in the rich culture and history of this infatuating nation.

... This is a group tour with a minimum of 4 participants for it to run, so please bring your friends along too ... 

Adventure Tour in Ghana
The Ghana Experience gives you an amazing opportunity to see a side of Ghana that most travellers do not get the chance to experience. On this action packed 3 week adventure tour of Ghana, you will discover some of the most awe-inspiring places and people in what is widely regarded as Africa’s friendliest nation.

First Week
The first week of the tour will see you based in the bustling city of Accra, giving you the chance to explore this amazing city, which is truly a feast for the senses, and also take part in some of the inspiring volunteer projects. A member of our experience team will take you on a tour around Accra on your first full day, this should help you settle in and get your bearings before you start your first week’s volunteer and cultural activities.

Choose from volunteering teaching in local schools, care work at the underprivileged children’s centre, or even coach the sport you love to the hugely enthusiastic children. As well as the opportunity to volunteer in the community, you will also become immersed in the culture as you will have a range of social and cultural activities such as, lessons on how to cook traditional Ghanaian dishes, African drumming and dance sessions to add some rhythm to your trip, classes to introduce you to the local Ghanaian languages such as Twi and Ga, and also receive a lesson from one of Accra top artists and try your hand at producing a fine piece of authentic African art.

Accra is a city with so much to offer, so in your free time you can browse the inspired creations at one of Accra’s art and craft markets, take a trip down to the beautiful beaches, or just hang out in one of the local bars.

Second and Third Weeks
The second week of your authentic African adventure tour will see you and your new friends leave Accra and head off on the experience of a lifetime, taking in the sights and soaking up the culture of this truly awesome country. Ghana is well known for its friendly people and fun packed hotspots, so the next two weeks of the country wide tour will see you immersed in the culture and history that help to make Ghana a top destination for the adventurers amongst us. Go wildlife spotting in Ghana’s amazing national parks, swim in the highest waterfalls in West Africa, get up close and personal with the residents of a monkey sanctuary, take a heart pounding tree top stroll in the canopy of Kakum, climb a mountain, relax on some amazing beaches, and gain an insight in the Ghana’s turbulent past.

• Visit Ghana’s largest wildlife sanctuary and game viewing.
• Go on a 40m high canopy walk in a jungle.
• Trek through the footpath of the Kakum rainforest and learn about some important African plants used for traditional medicine.
• Visit the oldest extinct slave castles in Africa and learn about Ghana’s heritage.
• Enjoy a refreshing swim in Africa’s highest waterfall and also hike to the upper falls.
• Dine and play with the monkeys at the monkey sanctuary.
• Visit the sacred crocodile pool and witness the sacrificial chicken ritual.
• Volunteer in an underprivileged children’s school and pass on much needed skills to young children.
• Volunteer, play and coach your favourite sports.
• Learn some African dancing and drumming skills from a skilled and patient dance teacher.
• Take a Twi lesson and learn to chat to the locals in our most commonly spoken language.
• Learn to carve an elephant or paint a traditional picture.
• Learn how to cook your favourite Ghanaian dish.

Gap Year and Career Break Tours in Ghana
A Gap Year or Career Break tour in Africa’s friendliest nation, Ghana, will open your eyes to the amazing experiences available to those willing to step out of their comfort zone and broaden their cultural horizons. Our tours will provide fantastic opportunities, unforgettable memories, close friendships, and the experience of your life.

Download the Ghana Country Info Brochure - Click Here!

Quick Facts

Trip Name
The Ghana Experience
Trip Code
Kotoka International Airport (airport code ACC)
Minimum Duration
21 Days
Minimum Age
Trip Type
Group Tours
From £945 for 21 Days
£ 195.00
Preferred Duration
This is a 3 week tour only
Reasonable standard of health and fitness as some hiking is involved, and the trip involves some long journeys so a level of patience will be required.
Ideal for
Gap Year and Career Break Adventures in Ghana, Cultural Experiences, Geography Students.
• • •

Arrival Dates

We need a minimum of 4 people to run this trip so if you can bring a group of 4 or more then you can pick whatever start date that suits you.

British Nationals will require a visa to enter Ghana, we recommend you apply for a tourist visa. You can check your visa requirements by visiting the Ghana High Commission website by clicking here.

Everyone will also require a yellow fever vaccination to enter Ghana and a certificate to prove you have had this. You should contact your travel nurse to discuss this further.

• • •


You will be staying in our volunteer house during your stay in Accra, and various guest houses and backpacker accommodation throughout the tour. All accommodation is basic but comfortable.
All meals are provided during your stay in Accra, however you will be required to provide you own meals at other points during the tour.
Arrival Airport Transfer
You will be greeted at the airport by our friendly in-country team and transport is included to take you to Accra where you will start your tour.
A full orientation will be given at the beginning of the tour to ensure you feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings.
24 Hour Support
You have the security of knowing that the in-country team are available 24 hours a day to provide you with support and advice whenever you need it.
Activities and Excursions
All activities and excursions included in the itinerary.
Transport between tour destinations as per itinerary.
Equipment and Medical Discounts
Changing Worlds customers will receive 10% off Travel Equipment, Medical Supplies and Vaccinations from Nomad Travel Store.
• • •

Not Included

Flights; Travel Insurance; Vaccinations, Tourist Visa; Some Meals as per Itinerary; Any Activities not on Itinerary or optional activity options.
• • •

Daily Itinerary:

Day1 Arrival Day
You will receive a friendly Akwaaba (welcome) from our in-country team when you arrive at the airport in Accra. A member of our team will be awaiting in arrivals for you, and will take you straight back to your Accra accommodation located in Teshie. This will be your new home for the next week, so this first day will be a chance to settle in and get to know the other adventurers who will be joining you on this amazing African experience. Once everyone has arrive you will receive a induction briefing from our in-country staff, who will fill you in on all the exciting details of the next 3 weeks ahead of you. Dinner included

Day 2 Local Orientation / Tour of Accra
On your first morning in your new surroundings you will wake up to healthy breakfast, and once everyone is ready you will head off on a special tour of Accra. You will travel in a range of different types of transport to show you how to get around in the city, and you will learn about the history of Ghana with a visit to the Kwame Nkruma Museum – a memorial park dedicated to the First President of Ghana. Try your hand at bartering with the locals at the Ghana Craft Market and also the Makola Market, a traditional African market – a great place to get some souvenirs and treats for your family and friends. In the evening you will have the opportunity to explore the diverse nightlife that Accra has to offer, from traditional African bars and sports bars to modern, upmarket nightclubs. This diversity means that there is something for everybody! Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 3 Relaxation Time
Ghana is reknowned for being a chilled out, relaxed nation, so take the time to adapt this lifestyle and spend the morning relaxing at the beautiful beach or by a nearby pool. The afternoon is also free for you to carry on getting to know your fellow travellers, and the locals, so just relax and enjoy a cold drink at a local bar. In the evening you will be treated to a traditional ‘Welcome Meal’ in Osu, and then head back to the Teshie accommodation (maybe via a few bars) to get a good sleep before starting on volunteer placements the following day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 4 First Day of Volunteering
Today is your first day of your community volunteering placement. You will have the choice of teaching the local kids at the underprivileged children centre, or having some fun with the kids, playing games or acting as their climbing frame. For the sport lovers amongst us there will be the opportunity for you to coach the sport of your choice to kids from the local schools or communities. The afternoon will give you the chance to experience more of the culture and tradition that makes Ghana so exciting, with an authentic African drumming and dance lesson. Put on your dancing shoes and become one with the beat of the drum. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 5 Second Day of Volunteering
Wake up to the second day of your community volunteer placement, and decide which placement you would like to take part in. After your extremely rewarding placement experience, in the afternoon we will arrange for you to have a lesson from a wood carver so you can try your hand at crafting an African figurine (Elephants and Giraffes are always popular, but you can choose to carve whatever takes your fancy). Not only is great fun to find out who out of your group is a real master crafter, it is a chance for you to express yourself and to take home a really unique memento from you Ghanaian adventure. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 6 Third Day of Volunteering
This will be your third morning on your community volunteer placement, with only two more days of volunteering remaining, be sure to make the most of this worthwhile opportunity, and help out in the area that best suits your personality and abilities. This afternoon will see you and your group take on the challenge of mastering the intricacies of the local dialects. Ga and Twi are the two widely spoken Ghanaian languages, and the locals love it when you speak to them in their mother tounge, so our experience language teachers will show you the basics to get you started. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 7 Forth Day of Volunteering
This is your penultimate day on your community volunteer placement, so have some good fun with the kids in the morning before getting the teeth into some real African cuisine in the afternoon. We will give you an unmissable opportunity to test your skills in the kitchen as our resident Ghanaian chef will show you some tricks of the trade as you attempt to create a culinary masterpiece, African style. When you have finished with your creation everyone can sit down to a traditional Ghanaian feast. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 8 Final day of Volunteering
This is your final day at your community volunteer placement, so this is the time to say farewell to the kids you have been helping and getting to know for the past 5 days. Volunteer work is an incredibly humbling experience, and bound to be something that you will never forget, as you will make some great friends with the kids and the dedicated local staff who give up so much for the lives of the kids they work with.

In the afternoon you are in for a real artistic treat. Let your creativity and originality shine through as you will have an exclusive lesson from a professional artist who lives and works in Accra. Under his expert guidance and with a few useful tips and pointers, you will produce a traditional piece of African art that is unique to you. Take it home and show your friends and family, as this will act as a lasting reminder of the amazing journey you took in Ghana. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Day 9 – 11 Cape Coast and Kakum National Park
After your fun filled first week in Accra has ended, your real African adventure can really begin. From Accra you will travel down the south coast to the original capital of Britain’s colonial empire, Cape Coast. Cape Coast has so much to offer, with beaches that stretch for miles, rainforests teaming with wildlife, and is a centre of Ghana’s traumatic history.

After a couple of hours journey down the coast from Accra, your first day in Cape Coast will be spend relaxing by the hotel pool, on the amazing palm-fringed beaches, or take a trip to the local crocodile island restaurant. With crocs surrounding you as you eat, you will feel closer to nature than ever before. Be sure to rest up today, as you have a lot of activities ahead of you on your national park trek tomorrow.

Day 10 will involve you taking a trek through the rainforest in Kakum National Park. With an experienced guide leading the way, you will learn how tradition Africans lived off the land, and used specific trees for medicinal purposes, and the importance of these to the African culture. Following your rainforest trek, you will then put your nerve to the test and take on the Kakum canopy walk. 40m up in the rainforest treetop, walking on planks only 1ft wide, expect some butterflies in your stomach and a few wobbly knee moments.

Day 11 will be slightly less physically demanding, but be prepared for a cultural and historical awakening. Ghana’s south coast is home to the oldest slave castles in Africa which can be found in Elmina, and today you will be visiting this great structure and others in the area. The awe-inspiring tours and shocking historical accounts of the turbulent years before Ghana’s independence, will really get you thinking. The amazing sea views from the castle walls will give you time to reflect on the infatuating truths about Ghana’s past. Breakfast Included

Day 12 – 13 Wli Waterfalls
On day 12 you will be heading East, inland towards the beautiful Volta region of the country, which is home to the largest man-made lake in Africa, the colossal Lake Volta. Your place of refuge for the next two days will be the town of Wli Agorviefe, an amazing place which is the tallest waterfalls in West Africa, the upper and lower Wli falls. To get you in the mood for a bit more adventure, you will trek to the upper falls, and take in the outstanding views and magnificent scenery, before heading down to the lower falls for possibly the most exhilarating swim you will have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Keep your adventurist cap on for day 13 as you will be scaling Ghana’s highest mountain peak, Mount Afadjato, measuring at 885m above sea level, so prepare yourself for some great views of the surrounding areas, casting your gaze over the Volta region for miles around with views of Lake Volta and the natural beauty of the surrounding area which is rich with wildlife and vegetation. A cracking way to start the day, the round trip, ascending and descending, takes approx. 2 hours, but do not fear if you are not super fit, as on this relaxing ascent nobody gets left behind. Breakfast Included

Day 14 Monkey Sanctuary
Today you will spend the day getting up close with the local residents of the monkey sanctuary in Baobeng-Fiena. Just a short drive west of Wli Agorviefe, in the central region of the country, you will find yourself getting a really personal experience with the monkeys. This is a great opportunity to interact with these mischievous creatures, and also get some amazing photos. Don’t be surprised if you get a cheeky monkey or two climb on you, as they are certainly not shy. The sanctuary is also surrounded by lush rainforest, so whilst trekking, keep your eye out for some more local inhabitants. Breakfast Included

Day 15 Kumasi
Following your monkey adventure day, you will head off on Day 15 out to Ghana’s second largest city, Kumasi. Kumasi is well renowned for its huge market, so take the day to explore the amazing stalls, and work on your bartering skills to see if you can snap up some bargains. This is a great opportunity to pick up some souvenirs for the friends and family back at home, and maybe put your new found Ga and Twi skills to the test and try bartering in the local language. Relax and enjoy this amazing city, and after you have found all the African trinkets you want, just chill out in a one of the local bars or restaurants, as prices in Kumasi are much cheaper than in Accra. Breakfast Included

Day 16 – 18 Mole National Park
The next stage of your African adventure is a trip to Mole National Park, Ghana’s largest wildlife reserve. Your home for the next 3 days will be in Larabanga in the heart of Mole, so be prepared for a real wildlife extravaganza. The national park is home to over 90 species of mammal, and countless numbers of bird species. This is a real treat for the animal lovers amongst us, as you will be taken on a game drives through the park to giving you the chance to get close to many animals such as elephants, hippos, warthogs, bushbacks and baboons. Mole is truly an amazing place full of some of Ghana’s rarest animals, so is certainly not to be missed. Breakfast Included

Day 19 Paga Crocodile Pool
The final day of your wild adventure in the Mole region will include an intriguing day trip to Paga, to meet the residents of the Paga Crocodile Pool. I hope you are feeling brave, as this will be a chance for you to get about as close to a crocodile as possible. Get your cameras at the ready as this a photo opportunity that you cannot miss out on. After an astonishing day with the crocodiles you will stop in the small town of Tamale for one night to relax before the long journey back down south. Breakfast Included

Day 20 Kokobrite
The penultimate day of your authentic African adventure has arrived. Although you will spend much of the day travelling from the northern regions down to your final destination on the south coast, Kokobrite, this is a chance to reflect on your Ghana experience, the great friends you have made, and the amazing sights you have seen. Take in the beauty of the country as you follow the roads south through traditional rural villages and incredible scenery, there will also be a few stops along the way to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat.

The journey may be long, but the destination at the popular Kokobrite beach resort is well worth the wait, and will certainly not disappoint. This is the most popular beach resort in Ghana, and other travellers and locals alike come from miles around to experience the amazing nightlife, gorgeous beach and traditional Ghanaian food. Spend the rest of the day relaxing, exploring or swimming on the beach, then end your Ghana Experience in style with a traditional Ghanaian beach party. Make sure you bring those dancing and drumming skills you learned back in Accra! Breakfast Included

Day 21 End of The Ghana Experience
The Ghana Experience has now come to an end. After a final relaxing morning at Kokobrite beach, you and the group will head back to your accommodation in Teshie, where your journey began. Be sure to book your return flights for after 7:00pm, to allow for any delays, and our in-country team will help you arrange your return airport transfer. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Ghana Map

Since gaining independence from Britain in 1957, Ghana has fast become known for its peacefulness, political stability and perhaps Africa's friendliest people. Ghana offers an abundance of traveller hotspots, including the rainforests of Cape Coast, the almighty Lake Volta and the elephant watering-holes of Mole National Park. Ghanaians also share a love for sport that surpasses most other nations.

Ghana is a rich and beautiful country, packed with culture, history and authentic African tradition. Like many people who visit Ghana, you will soon fall in love with the laidback attitude towards life and the variety of fantastic restaurants, 'highlife' bars and African music. However, most of all, you will fall in love with the warmth and charm of the locals.

Quick Facts
Republic of Ghana
West Africa
Bordering Countries
Togo, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast
Capital City
Parliamentary Democracy
35 million
English (and over 60 local dialects)
Cedi (GHS)
Republic of Ghana
31% of population below the poverty line
Main Exports
Gold, Cocoa, Timber, Tuna, Ore, Diamonds
Tropical; temperatures up to 30 degrees
Time Zone
GMT +0
Ghana Flag

Fun Facts
• Lake Volta is the world’s largest man-made lake
• It’s not rude to pick your nose in public!
• A tro-tro is a local Ghanaian minibus used by locals and tourists

Travel Highlights
• Swimming under the Wli Waterfalls – the highest in Africa
• Kakum National Park canopy walk – enjoy the forest on another level
• Elmina Salve Castle – a fascinating insight into the African slave trade
• Admiring the sunrise at Mole National Park – Ghana’s leading game reserve
• Watching Hearts of Oak play football – expect lots of drumming and dancing!

Ghanaian Lady Ghana Beaches Ghana Wildlife

Where is Ghana?
The Republic of Ghana lies on the Gulf of Guinea, on the western coast of tropical West Africa and is similar in size to Great Britain. Burkina Faso borders it to the north, with Togo to the east and the Ivory Coast to the west. The southern coastal boundary opens onto the Atlantic Ocean.
Language in Ghana
Over 60 languages are spoken throughout the country, the most common tribal languages being Twi, Ewe and Ga, although English is the official language and taught in schools. You will quickly pick up the local dialects and slang, so there is no need to worry about communicating with the locals. Ghanaians also love to speak in proverbs, the use of which is taken to be a sign of wisdom. Although proverbs are short, and sometimes funny, proverbs teach the ethical rules of the community.
Music in Ghana
Ghana is known as a country for festivals, music and traditional dances. The loud sounds of 'highlife' can be heard blasting from speakers on almost every corner and Ghanaians will hardly ever refuse an opportunity to party. There are many bars, restaurants and clubs that can be visited to sample the authentic African sounds where live music and dancing take place. In many of the markets, you will often see handcrafted wooden drums, bongos and other musical instruments.
Food in Ghana
You will have ample opportunity to discover the tastes of Ghana, especially at local 'Chop Bars'. In these family-run places, food and drink is cheap and the food served can be varied and tasty. You should also sample Fufu (fermented cassava), Banku and Kenke which are often accompanied by a sauce or relish. Dishes such as 'red', plantain and groundnut soup are a favourite among travellers.
The People of Ghana
The people of Ghana are renowned for being very warm, welcoming and friendly. Typically, Ghanaians come from six main ethnic groups: the Akan (Ashanti and Fanti), the Ewe, the Ga-Adangbe, the Mole-Dagbani, the Guan and the Gurma. You will most commonly come across the Ashanti, Ewe and Fanti tribes.
Ashanti : the largest tribe in Ghana and you will be regularly greeted by their smiles and hospitality. Today, they are most famous for their craft work and, in particular, their woodcarving and kente cloth making.
Ewe: Based mainly in the south-eastern region of Ghana, many Ewe are farmers who keep livestock and specialise in crafts. If you travel east towards Togo you will certainly come across this group of people.
Fanti: A tribe mainly located in the coastal areas of Ghana where fishing is an important trade. You will often come across small fishing towns whilst exploring the coastline where a number of sites may interest you including the famous Elmina slave castle or simply sipping a cool drink on one of Ghana's golden beaches.
Religion in Ghana
60% Christian, 15% Muslim and 25% indigenous beliefs. Anyone visiting Ghana will be overwhelmed at the deep faith of many of its people. You will often see company names such as 'Jesus Loves You Hairdressers' or the 'God Bless You Tyre Centre' around the capital city. It is also likely that you will be invited to an early morning church service by the friendly locals – an invite well worth accepting. The early morning call to Mosque is also a familiar sound that can be heard at the crack of dawn.
Art and Craft in Ghana
There are many specialised crafts, from weaving to ceramics to woodcarving. Kente cloth is very common in the south and is of a very high quality; hence it is usually only worn during festivals and other formal occasions. Wood carving is also an area practised by many Ghanaians and in itself is divided into different branches, each with its own specialists. It is a common sight to see sculptures and carvings of outstanding artistic quality laid out by the side of the road so that passing tourists can purchase them. You will most certainly want to buy gifts for friends and family and such items will be easy to get hold of. However, you should remember that it is standard practise never to accept the first price presented to you. Therefore, you will have to get used to bartering and 'knocking down' the price of pretty much everything, and this does not only apply to art and craft items!
Travelling in Ghana
During your stay, you'll have plenty of time to meet both locals and other travellers. There are countless places to visit. In Ghana there are 3 main forms of transport available to you for travelling in and around your local area or further afield:

 • Taxis – these are generally more reliable and safer (in terms of the vehicle condition). ALWAYS take officially registered taxis only which are easily identified as they have yellow wing panels and generally a taxi sign on the roof.
• Tro-Tro’s – the cheapest option. These are a shared transport vehicle (usually a mini-bus style van) on set routes.
• STC – long distance bus service between cities. Reliable and good value.

You could take a Sunday pleasure-cruise on the biggest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta. Or you might want to visit the slave castles of Cape Coast and Elmina. Or take a walk on the wild side with the elephants and hippos in one of Ghana's National Parks. How about a stroll in the 30-metre high rainforest canopy at the Kakum National Park? Accra, the capital, is worth visiting and full of great places to explore. There are also a few western-style bars and restaurants if you’re craving a pizza after a few weeks of only eating Ghanaian food! You'll also get the opportunity to enjoy many of the bars and restaurants that provide authentic African live music and dancing. And if you get time, head down to the National Stadium to watch Hearts of Oak play football where you will be able to sing, dance and drum along with the locals.
Sport in Ghana
Ghana has regularly competed in the African Cup of Nations and FIFA World Cups, confirming football as the nation’s most popular sport. Ghana is therefore the perfect place to coach football at the grassroots level. The young football players are extremely keen to learn sports skills from you. However, sport in Ghana is not all about football. Boxing and basketball also enjoy huge success in Ghana alongside a number of newer sports such as rugby, netball and tennis.

Gap Years and Career Breaks in Ghana
Come to Ghana on your gap year or career break and experience the land inhabited by Africa’s friendliest people. Everyone will want to be your friends, and will go out of their way to make your time in Ghana a really special one. Take in the sights and sounds of the rainforest, or soak up the history and culture of Elmina and Accra city centre, amazing opportunities, and amazing people make Ghana a real travelling highlight.

Some of you may be wondering where the money you pay towards your placement is actually going. As with any trip overseas, there are many things to consider that incur a cost, all of which are added benefits making the experience as memorable and fulfilling as possible!
Project Assessment
Before you see a tour on our website, a lot of background work has gone on. Many of our tours include volunteering activities so we see it as a crucial element to make sure that the volunteering activities are as beneficial to the local community as they are to you. We have met with local organisations, vetted in-country staff, conducted rigorous safety assessments and thoroughly evaluated the tour. Only then do you get to see the tour on our website and book your place, safe in the knowledge that it is well-structured and guaranteed to be an amazing experience.
Help Choosing Which Tour
If you are not sure which tour or country to choose, our hugely informative Travel Advisors are here to help. They are a friendly bunch, have all travelled extensively and can offer lots of advice on choosing the right tour or destination for you. This makes the task of deciding to travel in a foreign country much less intimidating, and far more exciting.
Pre-departure Advice
Once you have booked your placement, you will be assigned a dedicated Travel Advisor to offer essential pre-departure advice on vaccinations, visas, kit lists and more. They will also be on call to answer those important last minute questions like “how many pairs of socks do I need?” and “can I take my mobile phone with me?”
Help with Flights and Insurance
We do not include flights and travel insurance in our placement fee. This avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. It also gives you flexibility to plan any further travel before or after your tour. We do, however, offer lots of help on this through our leading flights and insurance partners, providing you with an easy booking facility and the best prices around.
Airport Pick-Up
Landing in a foreign country for the first time can be daunting. This is why we ensure our in-country staff are there to meet you on arrival. There’s nothing like seeing a friendly face when you walk out of a new airport. And once we have given you a warm welcome, the in-country staff will take you back to your accommodation where you can meet the rest of the people on your tour.
Arrival Induction
We will take you through a local orientation and tour induction on arrival. This will introduce you to any useful amenities and local customs, talk your through your tour itinerary, and it will also show you how to stay safe while travelling abroad.
Accommodation and Food
Accommodation is provided on all of our tours, you may have to pay extra for additional nights in some areas, however in most cases accommodation is included. In some destinations, you may be able to upgrade to alternative accommodation, this is something that will be offered to you at different stages of your tour. We endeavour to supply food where we can on our tours, however in some cases this is not always possible. In many cases you will receive at least 1 meal a day, please see the trip itinerary on the Extra Info tab for further details.  
In-Country Staff
Your safety and enjoyment is extremely important to us. That’s why we have dedicated in-country teams to look after you and guide you throughout your tour. Our staff can be reached 24-hours a day and will travel with you throughout your tour to ensure everything is running smoothly, and that you are happy.
24-Hour Emergency Support
In addition to our in-country staff, you will benefit from our international support network. You will be given emergency contact details before you leave which you can call in the event of a crisis. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Giving Others Similar Travel Opportunities
In order to provide a reliable flow of participants on our tours overseas, we have to spend a chunk of money on recruiting people like you to take part in these amazing experiences. It costs to maintain a website, an office, phone lines and a team of dedicated Travel Advisors to answer all your questions!
Ghana Travel Flights Travellers

There are quite a few things to consider and to organise before you travel to your chosen destination to take part in your trip or tour with us.

Flights and Insurance
Flights and insurance are not included on your placement which means you will have to arrange them before you leave. But don't panic, this is simpler than you may think! To make life much easier for you, we offer a free, personal booking service through our chosen flights and insurance partner – StudentUniverse, part of Flight Centre. They will guide you every step of the way.

Please only use this service here and do not go into one of their branches as this can complicate things for us.

Browse or book flights using our search engine. Click here to access it.

Alternatively you can call them on 03300 585032 and mention you are considering or are going away with Changing Worlds and let them do the hard work. They will also be able to provide you with adequate travel insurance.

Travelling after your trip with us? Need a round-the-world ticket? Not a problem... just discuss this with them too.

Why are flights not included?
By not including flights in our trips and tours, it avoids us having to pass on unnecessary admin charges to you. This keeps the cost of your trip lower and also means you have the freedom to search around for the lowest fares and most flexible tickets that fit your travel plans. It also means you can benefit from the expertise of our preferred partner.

What happens when flights and insurance are booked?
When you book any trip with us, you will gain access to our online Travel Centre, personalised for you. In here you will have all the information about your trip and how to plan for it, including the contact details for our in-country team and address you will be staying at.

There are also some forms we need you to complete before you depart, covering areas like your dietary requirements, next-of-kin, medical information, flight arrivals details and more.

Do I really need travel insurance?
We take the safety of our travellers very seriously. You must therefore book adequate travel insurance before you come away with us – you simply won’t be able to participate in your trip or tour if you don’t. Although policies vary, your insurance must include emergency medical expenses, personal accident cover, and repatriation. We also recommend that you book baggage, personal liability and cancellation cover.

Some of the countries where we work will require you to have a visa. We provide guidance for this against the Trip Summary tab so you can check whether your nationality requires it. If a visa is required we will provide a letter of invitation, if the embassy requests this, as well as all the relevant information you will need to complete the visa application process. This information is provided after you book with us. With all visa applications it is important that you have sufficient space available in your passport for the relevant visas required for your travels, and that your passport is valid for at least six months after your planned date of return.

Please note we have no control over the issuing of visas and this is at the embassies discretion. We will help wherever possible though.

At least 6 – 8 weeks before your chosen travel date you should visit your local GP or Nomad Travel Clinic to discuss your vaccination and medication requirements. Your medical professional will be able to advise you of any recommended and required vaccinations for your chosen destination(s).You should inform your doctor of all of your destination countries, and what activities you plan on doing, and in which regions you plan to stay while you are there, as different regions and activities have different health risks in some countries.

Some destination countries will require you to produce a certificate of vaccination in order to enter the country, so be sure that you understand any vaccination requirements for your chosen destination, so that you do not have any issues when passing through customs.

Above all you should make sure you are well prepared for your travels, so that you have the best experience possible whilst overseas!

Speak To Us
If you have any questions or would like some more information, simply contact one of our friendly Travel Advisors. They will answer any queries you have and tell you what it’s really like to travel overseas. You can give us a call, request a call back or drop us an email.
Book Your Place
Once you have decided to travel with us, you can secure your place by paying a small deposit. You will then be able to pay the rest of your project fee in easy-to-manage instalments.
Welcome Pack
Once we have received your deposit, we will send you a welcome email confirming your booking. This will contain your personal login details for your Travel Centre – an online account full of useful information about your destination, you chosen trip and all the things you need to do before you depart.
Personal Information
We will ask you to provide some key information to help us create the best experience for you, such as medical and dietary requirements, any previous relevant experience you have, and what you’re hoping to get out of your time abroad. We may also ask you to complete a police background check depending on the nature of your trip.
Flights and Insurance
You will need to book your flights and travel insurance before you leave, and then provide us with these details. We do not include flights and insurance in the project fee (to avoid passing on extra admin costs to you) but our partners will help you find the best options around.
Visas and Vaccinations
Next you will need to get your vaccinations and visas for your trip. Your travel nurse or local doctor will tell you exactly what you need. We will also provide you with lots of information to make obtaining your visa very straightforward.
Final Payment
We will ask you for your final payment 90 days before your scheduled departure date. Once paid, you will be ready to pack your bags, grab your passport and get on the plane.
Our in-country team will give you a warm welcome at the overseas airport before taking you to your accommodation. You will then receive a comprehensive orientation to help you settle in to the country and prepare you for your time overseas.

Amazing people and amazing memories! I got a real taste for this beautiful country on the Ghana Experience.

Gemma Hutchinson

There was never a dull moment on this action packed adventure. I had so much fun with the other people on the trip, I can't wait to go back to Ghana.

James Reyland

I cannot believe how much we packed into only 3 weeks. Volunteering was amazing, and is was great to see the range of things that Ghana has to offer.

Rosie Midhurst
1) What is the minimum age restriction?
We generally recommend that our volunteers are at least 18 years old when they take part in the Ghana Experience. 

2) Are meals included in this trip? 
We provide you with 3 meals a day (a mix of Ghanaian and some western food) during your first week in Accra.

Breakfast: usually Milo, tea or coffee with bread/toast and spreads, and fruit.
Lunch: sandwiches, wraps, pasta, salads.
Dinner: rice dishes, meat, beans, chicken, beef and fish, plantain

You will also be offered some traditional local dishes such as Fufu (fermented cassava), Banku and Kenke which are often accompanied by a sauce or relish mixed with more recognisable beef or chicken and rice. Also dishes such as Red Red, kelewele, plantain and groundnut soup are a favourite among our volunteers.

During your second and third weeks, as you travel round Ghana you will need to budget for your daily meals.

3) What accommodation is provided?
Although basic, the accommodation is comfortable in each of the tour locations. You will live in a mixture of hotels, hostels and volunteer houses during your stay in Ghana, alongside the other travellers and our in-country team. This makes for a very safe, fun and extremely social environment. You will be staying in a dorm room of 2-8 people.

Are there laundry facilities available at the accommodation?
Clothes washing facilities (hand-wash and washing service) are available at our volunteer house in Accra, however some of the accommodation options around Ghana will not provide this facility

Can I make international calls at the accommodation?
There is a phone in the office at the accommodation in Accra that can be used for emergency calls, however we recommend purchasing a Ghanaian SIM card on arrival to make phone-calls home, as these will be charged at a cheaper rate and you can track your expenses on a pay-as-you-go tariff. 

Can I book a private room? 
Unfortunately private rooms cannot be guaranteed during your tour of Ghana.

Where can I store valuables at the accommodation?
The accommodation in Accra is very safe, with a security guard on site from 6pm – 6am every night. Valuables can be locked in the safety deposit boxes in the office at the accommodation. Accommodation in other areas of Ghana may not offer the same security, so you may wish to leave valuables in Accra while you travel

4) How many hours a day will I be taking part in activities?
You can expect to take part in pre-arranged activities for approx. 4 - 6 hours per day in total, weather and schedule permitting. Activity times will vary day-to-day throughout the week, depending on the activities we have arranged for you. (Take a look at the Extra Info tab for a detailed itinerary of activities)

5) What Activities take place throughout the day?
A wide range of activities take place throughout your 3 week tour of Ghana, including volunteer opportunities during your first week, and amazing travel opportunities throughout the second and third weeks, including:
• Cape Coast: Slave castles and Kakum canopy walk.
• Lake Volta
• Wli Waterfalls
• Mole National Park
• and more..!
(Take a look at the Extra Info tab for a detailed itinerary of activities)

6) When volunteering in the first week, will I run the class or assist in the teaching/ coaching?
In most will be supporting local teachers and coaches, however when you feel ready you will have the opportunity to run your own lessons. If you feel more comfortable, you can also run lessons alongside another volunteer.

7) What experience do I need?
You do not require any specific qualifications or experience to take part in this tour. Enthusiasm for travel and exploring new cultures is the most important element of this trip! 

8) What support will I receive in country?
During your first couple of days you will receive a local orientation of Accra, and an induction to welcome you onto your trip. You will not only receive a great welcome, but you will also have a chance to settle in and get to know the other volunteers in your group. You will then receive 24 hour support from our in-country team, and also will have access to our 24 hour emergency support team based in the UK.

9) When can I arrive? 
You should arrive in Accra on the start date of the trip. You will be picked up from Accra Kotoka International Airport (ACC) and taken to the accommodation. Note that you should only leave the airport with a member of our in-country staff. They will be holding a sign with your name on it for you to see. 

Participants will be arriving all day on the start day, so the induction will normally start the following day, when you will have a full briefing of the trip.

10) When should I book my Departure?
You should book your departure flight for the end date of your project. This will fall on a Saturday. Your return airport transfer is not included in your trip fee, however our in-country team will help you arrange a taxi to the airport.

11) Is transport included?
Airport transfer on arrival is included, and transport between tour locations is provided by our team, however you will need to budget for optional / independent excursions. There is a taxi rank located outside the accommodation in Accra, which offers good rates, and our team will talk you through getting around in Ghana during your induction sessions on arrival.

12) Will I need a Visa?
Yes, you will need a visa to visit Ghana. For UK citizens, obtaining your visa from the Ghana High Commission is relatively straightforward, provided you follow the instructions below, and apply at least 6 weeks before your date of departure. For non UK citizens, check with the Ghana High Commission or Embassy in your country of residence. 

13)  Will I need vaccinations?
Yes, you will need to obtain specific vaccinations before travelling to Ghana. The only specifically required and regulated vaccination for Ghana is Yellow Fever, however participants travelling to Ghana are also recommended to take Malaria medication, and other various booster vaccinations. You will need to consult your local Travel Nurse or GP to check your vaccination history and personal requirements with regards to boosters.

14) What is the climate like in Ghana. 
Ghana is a tropical country lying just north of the equator. As such, the only seasonal changes are distinct wet and dry seasons. The dry season is primarily December-February, when day temperatures are in the 80s-90s F/27-36 C and nights in the 70s F/18-26 C. May-June and also September – October are the rainiest months in the south. Temperatures range from about 21°C to 32°C and the humidity is relatively high.

In most areas the temperatures are highest in March and lowest in August, after the rains. Variations between day and night temperatures are small.
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  • "The experience of living with other volunteers and students was a great! An unbelievable sports experience! As a football fan I really couldn't imagine a better place to visit."
    Joseph Berry , Sports, Argentina
  • "Working in the orphanage with these adorable kids was a great way to do something really good with my time abroad on my gap year. I would recommend it to anyone who is keen to work with children. A magical experience! I cannot wait to go back to Argentina and see how they are all getting on."
    Jade Garcia , Care Work, Argentina
  • "I loved this volunteer project in the orphanage in Buenos Aires. So many great kids, who love to play and learn from you. I really enjoyed the cooking lessons in the bakery, and the kids really liked to do face painting and arts, which was really fun, it was great to be able to put smiles on their faces. I will treasure my memories of my trip to Argentina for a long time."
    Susan Tanner , Care Work, Argentina
  • "Football coaching in India was awesome - from the day I arrived to the day I left. The people, especially the children, the culture, the food, were all great!! It was an experience that I will never forget!! If you have the opportunity travel and coach sport... especially in India....then just go for it! .... Sanj"
    Sanjay Thanki , Sports, India
  • "The experience I had in Ecuador was without doubt the greatest experience of my life so far. I would recommend the programme to anyone who has even the slightest interest in playing or coaching football."
    Craig Lawlor , Sports, Ecuador
  • "My time in Quito was amazing. I had a wonderful experience working with the kids, and partying in the Mariscal. My homestay was also fabulous and I made amazing friends with my other housemates and the family. I look forward to returning sometime soon."
    Francesca Ioffreda , Sports, Ecuador
  • "Overall it is such an enjoyable placement and very good for helping my German and communication skills. It’s really fun and everyone is really friendly. The kids are lovely and there’s never a dull moment!"
    Stephanie Memory , Teaching, Germany
  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Phil Nolan , Sports, Canada
  • "The experience of becoming a ski instructor was out of this world. The group bonded and we all met friends for life! The local people were the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever come across."
    Samantha Platt , Sports, Canada
  • "I am extremely passionate about this project and being a professional photographer, meant I could teach a wide range of skills to the kids".
    Remy Whiting , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "Having the in-country contacts to work on my own photography stories was perfect. Thanks to all involved".
    James Burton , Art & Craft, South Africa
  • "This law internship gave me a unique perspective on law in Africa and has certainly widened my options within the law field".
    Andy Smith , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Thanks to all the Ghana team for making this law internship happen for me. Such an amazing experience and Ghanaians are sooo friendly."
    Jemma Mansfield , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "It was so interesting working into the law sector in Ghana and getting this experience. Such a great way to spend my summer doing something totally different."
    Mark Fulton , Business & Law, Ghana
  • "Costa Rica is such a wonderful country and being able to help out on the care work project with the children was such a privilege."
    Lara Gillard , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "The whole team in Costa Rica were awesome and really helped me make the most our of my time there both on the care work project and showing me the adventures of the country."
    Tom Smith , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "This placement gave me the mix of helping young children and also experiencing a totally different culture. My Spanish has really improved too."
    Kiki Jones , Care Work, Costa Rica
  • "I am studying in animal welfare and this placement was perfect in getting real life experience relevant to my career".
    Gordon Bennell , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • "The whole experience was fantastic from the staff at the rescue centre, to Andy and his family. Thank you for looking after me so well."
    Ruth Eales , Wildlife & Conservation, Costa Rica
  • Fab way to start my week, our guide was awesome and gave us so many tips. Met an amazing group of people and the team in the office really help you sort your time out after you've finished the first week. Would really recommend to solo travellers.
    Emma Lowton , Adventure, New Zealand

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