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CRB / DBS Checks

In some cases our placements will require Changing Worlds participants to use the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure service, or as it is now referred to as - the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), in order to check the suitability of an applicant for the some of the more specific placements that we offer, in many cases these involve working with children or vulnerable individuals, in a position of trust.

This is particularly important for individuals who have been out of Education for over 5 years, and have not had to complete a Criminal Record check in the past 3 years.

We observe and adhere to the CRB / DBS Code of Practice which is concerned with the responsible handling, use, storage, and disposal of all applicants’ information. Changing Worlds also complies with the laws of the Data Protection Act 1998. For more information on our Privacy Policy please visit the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page.

The CRB / DBS service that we use means that Changing Worlds does not receive a copy of CRB / DBS check results unless the applicant’s results come back showing an undisclosed incident on their criminal record. Any results received by Changing Worlds will only be used for the purpose of assessing the suitability of a specific placement for a specific applicant, and will not be used or accessed by any third party who is not entitled to receive or review the information.

All CRB / DBS results held by Changing Worlds will be destroyed after six months of the disclosure taking place. Before Changing Worlds releases any CRB / DBS check results to a third party for review, such as a host family or in-country coordinator, we will take steps to ensure that all actions are taken within the CRB / DBS Code of Practice and adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998.

CRB / DBS Check Process

Changing Worlds has a partnership with a third party organisation that processes all CRB / DBS checks and disclosures on behalf of the Changing Worlds team. The process is extremely straight forward, making all aspects of the check as easy for the applicant as possible. Here is a quick break down of the process required to complete a CRB / DBS check or disclosure:

1. Changing Worlds will send off the applicants name, placement position or role selected by the applicant, and the applicant’s email address to the third party CRB / DBS organisation.

2. The applicant will receive an email from the third party organisation with a username and password for secure log in for an online system.

3. The applicant must log in to the online system and complete an online application form giving personal details and consent for the CRB / DBS check to be completed by the third party organisation.

4. The applicant will then be required to send over photocopies of a selection of identification documents to the Changing Worlds team for verification.

5. A member of the Changing Worlds team is our designated ID verifier and will be in charge of all verification of ID documents received. Please check the list of required ID documents for the CRB / DBS check.

6. After the applicant’s ID documents have been verified by a member of the Changing Worlds team, all applicant information is sent directly to the government DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) for processing.

7. A certificate of completion should be received by the applicant within 1 week. Changing Worlds will only receive a copy of the certificate if there is an undisclosed incident on their criminal record.

Level of Disclosure 

The type / level of disclosure requested of applicants is a standard disclosure, which relates to positions that involve regular contact with those aged under 18 years or people of any age who may be vulnerable for any other reasons. This disclosure will contain details of all criminal convictions on record, including current and spent convictions, and details of any cautions or warnings held on the Police national database.

If you have a criminal conviction on record, it is advised that you provide details of this from an early stage. All information will only be witnessed by those who need to see it as part of our recruitment process for select placement positions.

On receipt of a certificate that highlights any undisclosed convictions or incidents in an applicant’s past, the Changing Worlds team will consider the following:

• Whether the conviction is relevant to the placement.
• The seriousness of the offence.
• The length of time since the offence.
• Whether the applicant has a pattern of offending.
• The circumstances surrounding the offence and the explanations offered by the convicted person.

Failure to reveal any information that is relevant to the placement position may lead to rejection of an application.

Documents for Identification

The applicant who is completing a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) or Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check must provide a selection of documents in order for the applicant to prove their identity and successfully complete the check. The specific documents required will depend on the ‘route’ the application takes to prove their identity. The applicant is advised to provide documents from Route 1 first.

Route 1
The applicant must be able to provide the following documents:
• 1 document from List 1 below.
• 2 other documents from either List 1 or List 2a or 2b below.

One of the documents is required to show the applicant’s current address.

Route 2
If the applicant doesn’t have access to any of the documents in List 1, then they must be able to show:
• 1 document from List 2a below.
• 2 other documents from either List 2a or 2b below.

One of the documents is required to show the applicant’s current address.

Route 3
Route 3 can only be used if it hasn’t been possible to process the application through Routes 1 or 2. For Route 3, the applicant must be able to show:
• A birth certificate issued after the time of birth (UK & Channel Islands).
• 1 document from List 2a below.
• 3 further documents from List 2a or 2b below.

One of the documents is required to show the applicant’s current address.

List 1:
• Passport - Any current and valid passport.

• Biometric residence permit - UK.

• Current driving licence - photo card with counterpart - UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands (full or provisional).

• Birth certificate - issued at time of birth - UK and Channel Islands – including those issued by UK authorities overseas, eg Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces.

List 2a
• Current driving licence - old-style paper version - UK.

• Current photo driving licence - Non-UK licences must be valid for up to 12 months from the date the applicant entered the UK.

• Birth certificate - issued after time of birth - UK and Channel Islands.

• Marriage/civil partnership certificate - UK and Channel Islands.

• Adoption certificate - UK and Channel Islands.

• HM Forces ID card – UK.

• Firearms licence - UK and Channel Islands.

List 2b
• Mortgage statement - UK or EEA - Issued in last 12 months.

• Bank or building society statement - UK and Channel Islands or EEA - Issued in last 3 months.

• Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter - UK - Must still be valid.

• Credit card statement - UK or EEA - Issued in last 3 months.

• Financial statement, eg pension or endowment - UK - Issued in last 12 months.

• P45 or P60 statement - UK and Channel Islands - Issued in last 12 months.

• Council Tax statement - UK and Channel Islands - Issued in last 12 months.

• Work permit or visa - UK - Valid up to expiry date.

• Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider - Non-UK or non-EEA only (valid only for applicants residing outside of the UK at time of application) - Must still be valid.

• Utility bill - UK - not mobile telephone bill - Issued in last 3 months.

• Benefit statement, eg Child Benefit, Pension - Issued in last 3 months.

• Central or local government, government agency, or local council document giving entitlement, eg from the Department from Work and Pensions, the Employment Service, HMRC - UK and Channel Islands - Issued in last 3 months.

• EU National ID card - Must still be valid.

• Cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo - UK and Channel Islands - Must still be valid.

• Letter from Head Teacher or College Principal - UK (for 16 to 19 year olds in full time education - only used in exceptional circumstances if other documents cannot be provided) - Must still be valid.

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