An experience in an unexpected place: Sri Lanka

Several of the so-called “developed” countries have suffered similar events, and I didn’t see anyone stopping from going to these countries, so why not do the same with Sri Lanka? Let me tell you that I wasn’t wrong, my time there couldn’t have been better, and people are constantly eager to make the best out of your visit.

“Most people would wonder “why go to Sri Lanka?”, especially nowadays after the recent events that were all over the news; well, the answer is simple: why not!”

Andrés from Colombia helping paint in Sri Lanka
Andrés from Colombia helping paint

The experiences of Andrés from Colombia in Sri Lanka

I signed up for the Temple Renovation Project, a project which I found quite fulfilling, to be honest. I also got a bonus during my stay, because I got to work not only on a Buddhist temple but also on a pre-school. One of the things I liked the most about this project is that it has a tangible impact, you can see the results immediately and so can the community you’re helping. At the pre-school, the teachers and the kids were super appreciative and thankful for the improvement of the place, even if they didn’t speak much English, you could feel the appreciation and their happiness.

At the temple, the experience is a bit more introspective, as the environment is completely calmed and relaxed. The monks at the temple are also very appreciative of our work, and they show their appreciation by providing food, which was delicious every single day, and I also loved the curiosity of the monk kids always watching us work.

I think most participants would agree with me that one of the best parts of an experience like this is to meet other participants that come from different parts of the world, different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, goals, and ways of seeing the world. It was always a delight to get to know each other, work, eat, dance, travel and hang out. It truly becomes like a family in a very short period of time.

I think this is one of those experiences that you cherish for life. Thank you everyone for making sure that everything went ok, thank you to the other participants and thank you Sri Lanka!

Praying in Sri Lanka
Prayers in Sri Lanka

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