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Education is a right, not a privilege. Everyone should have access to education regardless of their caste, colour, or gender. In our endeavours to make this world a better place, we strive to ensure that this right is delivered in everywhere in the world. Women Empowerment Programme started on the 1st March 2019, and since then, we have been facilitating 15 women in the program. Although our baseline survey indicates that many women wants to join the program, due to their own personal reasons and responsibilities to their families, they are facing hardships in managing the time to join the program.

Therefore, we are trying to accommodate time and way of learning to facilitate all of them in a suitable manner. At present, we are running two different programs in two different areas: one in Vishal Nagar where we conduct the classes in the morning and during the afternoons, we have classes at our centre.

Women enpowerment in Nepal
Women enpowerment in Nepal

Everyday, we meet and engage with people from different spheres of society. We meet self-motivated women who dream to be liberated. Due to various societal and cultural circumstances, they have lost the opportunity to get a formal education. This has touched our hearts a lot and inspired us to make a difference. In order to ensure their dreams come true; many years ago we started to run our Women Empowerment Program in Kathmandu. Ever since the beginning, we have been thrilled and amazed by the outcomes of the program.

The best part of running the programme is that we meet enthusiastic women who are willing to learn. The smiles on their faces and their curiosity to learn makes our participants, who help us with the project, engage more with them and teach dynamically. These experiences paved the way for us to open our own Green Lion Women Empowerment Program in our own locality.

Women enpowerment in Nepal
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Our participants who volunteer always give their best effort to make their time spent teaching more fruitful. The programme has been very well appreciated by the women students, the community and the volunteers as well. Our aim is to reach more communities and ensure more women have access to education. The reward is making the dreams of these women come true by showing them that it is never too late to gain education. Choosing to volunteer with the Green Lion is choosing education that empowers.

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